Home and Community Healthcare Agencies improve their own survival rates with Medicaid billing software

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Home and community-based services healthcare agencies that are suffering from COVID-19 costs, service disruptions and delayed payments are finding some relief in management software from Cashé that significantly improves their cash flow.

Cashé launched its Pavillio platform in March 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to threaten individual health as well as the financial health of their essential care providers. Now, Cashé is helping these care agencies stay afloat with desperately needed operating cash by speeding up their Medicaid reimbursement. The automated system is getting providers paid up to two weeks earlier than they were with manual claims submissions and with a much higher reimbursement rate than the industry average.

A new report by Cashé shows that more than 100 Minnesota-based agencies using their software are now getting Medicaid payments up to two weeks faster than before automating their process. Cashé's Pavillio management platform delivers a 98% acceptance rate of first time Medicaid claims, a significant improvement from the industry average of 82% claim acceptance. Costly claim rejections and resubmissions result from factors ranging from coding errors to the increasing complexity and constant regulatory changes that challenge agencies whose core competency is excellent patient care. The cash flow from faster payments allows agencies to keep services intact without disruption for vulnerable patients with disabilities.

Cashé Software Chief Executive Officer, Praba Manivasager, says, "We are driven by the desire to support these essential care providers with the reimbursement payments they need to continue their essential care services. Since many of these small agencies are operating at very thin margins, they require the cash flow bi-weekly to pay their caregivers, or they simply can't survive. Accessing a large credit line isn't available to most of them if they continue to experience losses."

Manivasager explained that home health care provider shortages were already a problem before the pandemic hit. "Losing more home-health care providers now would put thousands of families into a healthcare crisis. Home-delivered care is typically far less expensive than other types of care, both for individuals and for tax-supported programs such as Medicaid. Cashé is dedicated to keeping the home-care option viable by automating administrative functions so that providers can spend time caring for people."

In addition to supporting agencies with improved acceptance rates, Cashé Software's billing services team also dedicates time to recovering money for customers by reworking denied claims and non-billed items.

Heather LeClair, Director of Billing for Cashé Software, says, "We go to bat for the care providers, and also, for the individuals and families who depend on them. Our mission is to get them every last penny."

Cashé Software, based in Oakdale, MN, has served the Home and Community-Based Services industry since 2004 date. The Pavillio platform, launched in March 2020, brings a new level of automation to home based community care agency management.

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Product contact: Praba Manivasager at sales@cashesoftware.com or pavillio.com