SecurityScorecard Partners with Defending Digital Campaigns to Help Make Elections Safer Through Security Ratings

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SecurityScorecard, the global leader in security ratings, announced today it is offering its industry leading ratings platform and questionnaire solution at no cost to 2020 Federal Campaigns (Presidential, House, Senate) and National parties and Committees in partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC).

Defending Digital Campaigns is a non-partisan organization that provides leading security products and services at low- and no-cost to federal campaigns to help them defend from cyberattack. Through the partnership, SecurityScorecard is offering complimentary access to its cybersecurity ratings platform to enable any campaign to instantly understand and continuously monitor its own cybersecurity risk, and that of its third-party vendors. In addition, campaigns can both continuously monitor and send security questionnaires via the SecurityScorecard portal to any third-party vendors supporting their operations for a 360° view of cybersecurity risk.

"Vendors are the biggest attack risk for campaigns, and many of their service providers are often small businesses who hold sensitive data. Security ratings are a powerful solution to mitigate this risk," said Sachin Bansal, general counsel at SecurityScorecard. "Our partnership with the DDC demonstrates our bipartisan commitment to defending the American democracy and stopping election interference. We're all on the same side in the fight against malicious actors attacking our economy in the midst of a global pandemic."

The DDC aims to make the political process more secure by providing political parties and campaigns with access to the knowledge, products and services to defend themselves against advanced cyber threats and attacks.

"Third-party cybersecurity risk for political campaigns is a real and significant concern," said Michael Kaiser, president and CEO, Defending Digital Campaigns. "We are thrilled to partner with SecurityScorecard and bring a powerful tool into the campaign ecosystem to help address that risk and make campaigns safer."

SecurityScorecard's partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns continues its policy and thought leadership in cybersecurity, and follows recent partnerships with multiple nonprofit Information Sharing and Analysis Centers, such as in Healthcare, National Defense, and others.

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