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infiniDome, Ltd., The GPS Security Company (, offers front-end cyber solutions that protect wireless communications from jamming interference. infiniDome products defend GPS-based systems that are critical for drones/UAV/UAS, connected fleets, critical infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles. As these vertical markets have grown, the need for GPS protection has become a necessity that is not met by large, heavy, and expensive military options. infiniDome is disrupting the anti-jamming market by delivering the industry’s first non-military anti-jamming solution designed for commercial applications.

The Company differentiates itself by significant CSWaP (Cost, size, weight, and power) advantages. infiniDome’s GPSdome ( and OtoSphere (, for dual-use and commercial applications respectively, are:

  • 10x lighter
  • 15x smaller
  • 30x less expensive than competing solutions

No other commercial product offers this much protection in such a small, light, affordable, easily integrated, and non-ITAR solution. GPSdome and OtoSphere:

  • Require minimal adoption costs
  • Can be completely retrofitted or integrated
  • Work with any GNSS receiver and GNSS antenna
  • Are successfully proven in the field and sold to customers worldwide

infiniDome leverages global relationships and collaboration with strategic customers and channel partners to address regional application use cases worldwide. For more information visit or email


infiniDome, Ltd



Headquarters Address:

7 Ha'eshel St. Industrial Park (South)


Caesarea 3079504





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Key Executives:

CEO: Omer Sharar


President: Ehud Sharar


COO: Shaked Aviv



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