Amperity 3.0 Launches: First and Only CDP to Solve the End-to-End Customer Data Challenges of the Enterprise

SEATTLE, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Amperity today launched the third generation of its Customer Data Platform (CDP), unveiling a new platform purpose-built to solve the spectrum of customer data challenges facing enterprise brands. While the CDP category has grown significantly in the past few years, most vendors have focused on point solutions, some serving IT or Analytics to organize web or mobile data, while others serving Marketers with a focus on data activation and personalization. In many instances, brands are cobbling together multiple CDPs to take control of their data.

Amperity 3.0 is the first comprehensive enterprise CDP with the scale, flexibility, and power to help teams across the organization use data to serve their customers. Recent partnerships with Kroger, DICK's Sporting Goods, and many others, demonstrate Amperity's ability to operate at true enterprise-scale and confirm the urgency of brands' needs to invest in a customer data foundation amid radical changes to consumer habits.

"At DICK's, we strive to serve and inspire athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to achieve their best," said Tony Marshall, VP of Analytics, Business Intelligence & Data Science at DICK's Sporting Goods. "In partnership with Amperity, we're building a stronger customer data foundation that will enable us to personalize every in-store and digital touchpoint we have with our customers. Being able to combine customer data from our millions of customers across the country, in a comprehensive and unified view, will help inform strategic business decision-making and ultimately provide them with nothing less than the best experiences."

Amperity 3.0 is a new multi-patented end-to-end platform with three distinct products that reflect the ways that large enterprises approach the problem of customer data today.

    --  AmpID is a complete first-party identity product with transparency and
        flexibility that is radical in the identity management category.
        AI-powered identity resolution creates a stable, universal first-party
        identity graph and then flexibly tunes it with critical features such as
        householding, data hygiene, and standardization for full utility across
        every use case. This graph is the foundation for accurate insights,
        personalization, and measurement, delivering unmatched results while
        maintaining privacy compliance. AmpID is driving an average 30% savings
        versus legacy identity providers, and up to 144% improvement in reach
        from resolving identity on previously siloed, unusable data.

    --  Amp360 is a modern Customer 360 that gives every team across the
        enterprise real-time access to the customer data they need. Amp360
        breaks down silos, expands audiences, and gives teams and systems direct
        access to holistic customer data, powering use cases from data science,
        analytics, and marketing, to customer success, finance, and compliance.
        Brands can access the data directly from the real-time query engine or
        make it available in every downstream system where customer data is
        needed. Brands are seeing an average of 85% faster time-to-value to add
        and use new data sources for marketing and analytics, shaving months or
        even years off of legacy attempts to drive business return on a usable
        single customer view.
    --  AmpIQ is a brand new point-and-click marketer hub for customer
        intelligence and omni-channel activation that drives immediate ROI
        gains. It has a complete suite of tools, comprising four components:
        Metrics & KPIs, Customer Insights, Predictions & Segments, and Campaigns
        & Measurement, representing the integration of technology and expertise
        from Amperity's 2019 acquisition of customer intelligence firm Custora.
        AmpIQ drives an average of 3x ROI improvements on digital marketing

Supporting these products is Amperity's multi-patented DataGrid, the core Customer Data Infrastructure on top of which Amperity products run. Amperity DataGrid is the only solution capable of ingesting, unifying, analyzing, and activating customer data with the performance, scale, and agility that enterprise brands require. DataGrid operates at enterprise scale, powering a brand's full offline and online data sets with up-to-date real-time signals. This end-to-end product suite of AmpID, Amp360, and AmpIQ built on DataGrid lets brands move from raw data to persistent identities, rich customer profiles, and advanced predictive analytics -- making Amperity 3.0 the first and only CDP purpose-built to meet the needs of large enterprise consumer brands.

The Enterprise CDP is a fundamental shift for brands. It includes the capabilities marketers need - insights, activation, predictive models, and real-time point-and-click access - and expands to capabilities that today's enterprises require, including:

    --  Enterprise-scale - Ingest and process petabytes of raw data, working in
        conjunction with any leading cloud provider
    --  Enterprise speed: Real-time streaming ingest API with sub-100
        millisecond response time and lightening-fast customer query engine,
        pushing data to real-time BI and personalization tools
    --  Enterprise-grade identity resolution - Build a universal identity graph
        powered by first-party data and augmented by third-party data
    --  Enterprise self-serve controls for change management - Use a safe,
        parallel environment to easily add data sources, update database
        structures, and incorporate new destinations - with zero downtime
    --  Enterprise-grade extensibility & interoperability - Deliver segments,
        models, or entire databases to any downstream system, and interoperate
        with existing enterprise ecosystem so you're never hostage by
        single-suite solutions
    --  Enterprise flexibility - Deploy a single product within the Amperity
        Enterprise CDP and flexibly layer on additional products when the time
        is right
    --  Enterprise-grade security - SOC2 certified, PII obfuscation by user
        role, first-class support for GDPR and CCPA, SSO integration, and
        multi-factor authentication support
    --  Enterprise-grade ROI - Ability to drive and quantify transformational
        improvements in customer value across the full enterprise and the full
        customer journey - from digital marketing to attribution-driven budget
        optimization, to front-line and online personalization

"We've had the privilege of working with forward-thinking enterprise brands since the early days of Amperity," said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity. "The key insight we came away with when doing that work was before brands can reach the nirvana of the 'right message to the right customer,' they need to solve their customer identity and customer 360 problems first - data that's massive, complex, and frankly, a mess. They don't want another point solution that helps send better email or personalize a website. Brands need a customer data foundation that's accessible, flexible, reliable, and usable across disciplines to help the business know and serve their customers as individuals for the first time."

The industry's first Enterprise CDP arrives at a moment when large consumer-facing enterprises are accelerating their digital transformations to keep pace with radical changes in consumer habits and preferences. Amperity is the only CDP that uses machine learning to comprehensively solve the biggest challenges standing between having customer data and using customer data - giving organizations the power to make better decisions and deliver more personalized customer experiences that grow the business. As the first Enterprise CDP, Amperity retains the agility of a pure-play CDP while managing enterprise-scale data challenges across a wider spectrum of compliance, analytics, and customer experience use cases.

"The world has changed and brands are looking to implement CDP technology to large-scale problems," said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer at Amperity. "Solving for customer-centric growth and long-term loyalty can't be done by one department alone. Our customers aren't just looking to create incremental efficiencies in marketing, they're seeking the data and insights that Amperity provides to be used in coordination by numerous teams across the enterprise to systematically address their core business challenges and opportunities."

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Amperity's mission is to help companies use data to serve their customers. Amperity's enterprise Customer Data Platform has revolutionized the way brands identify, understand, and connect with their customers by leveraging AI to deliver a truly comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. This multi-patented unified view improves marketing performance, fuels accurate customer insights, and enables world-class customer experiences. With Amperity, technical teams are freed from endless integration and data management, and business teams have direct access to the comprehensive data they need to build long-term customer loyalty and drive growth. Amperity serves many of the world's most loved brands, including Alaska Airlines, Kroger, Lucky Brand, Kendra Scott, Planet Fitness, Kenneth Cole, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Seattle Sounders FC, Crocs, Stanley, Endeavour Drinks, and many more. To learn more, visit

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