USW Local 9346 Sets Stage for a Fair Deal for Steelworker Families

This week the United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9346 Bargaining Committee met to prepare for negotiations for a new collective agreement for members working at Teck Resources Elkview coal mine.

The Committee is focused on securing an agreement that promotes and upholds a healthy lifestyle that protects our members, our families and our communities. The union has asked the company to begin negotiations this October.

“As Steelworkers we set the standard for safety and wages that keep the Elk Valley going,” said Scott Liddle, President of USW Local 9346.

“Despite global uncertainty in the midst of COVID-19 our union worked to ensure this mine could operate safely, maintaining production and profitability,” Liddle added. “A fair agreement would allow us to build our communities and build shared prosperity from the public resource we mine.”

Steelworker priorities for this round of bargaining are focused on the needs of the membership.

“Our younger members are looking for training opportunities to secure their families’ future and our older members want to ensure they can retire with dignity,” Liddle said. “We made a number of improvements in our collective agreement by sticking together. That solidarity will be needed to protect and build on those gains.”

Members who have questions about the bargaining process and how they can support the union are encouraged to contact their Bargaining Committee representative.