Prioritizing Mental Health: Yoga Pose Launches 99 Cent Yoga

SARASOTA, Fla., Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --, a leader in yoga pose tutorials searchable by symptoms, has just launched 99 Cent Yoga. These subscription-free yoga classes are available for only 99 cents per class, and individuals can pay-per practice.

The yoga classes feature certified yoga instructors that teach yoga at a variety of difficulty levels. Individuals can find the yoga classes that they enjoy and view new classes each week. Individuals only pay for the classes that they take, which are all led by notable, certified yoga instructors from around the globe.

10% of all proceeds from the 99 Cent Yoga classes are donated to Mental Health America.

"By offering full courses for 99 cents and with no subscription required, we are sharing quality yoga classes at an affordable price," said Cobb Rogers, Co-Founder of Yoga Pose. "We understand the importance of maintaining mental health through yoga and are excited to share this practice with wider audiences than ever before."

As a form of holistic healing, utilizes yoga as a form of alternative medicine to help or ease the symptoms of both mental and physical illnesses. Additionally, the website is a supportive environment for those researching yoga and wellness. The website features a mix of daily inspirational and informational content that is written from both personal experiences and based on medical research, providing the most credible and accessible yoga-centric content on the web.

Unlike other yoga and wellness publications, works with esteemed yoga professionals and medical experts to create research-based, informational content that the yoga community can trust.

To learn more about and 99 Cent Yoga classes, please visit

About Yoga Pose is an entirely free online yoga resource created by Cindy and Cobb Rogers focused on ailment relief through individual yoga poses. The website features a comprehensive library of yoga pose tutorials, all searchable by symptoms, that showcase the physical and mental benefits of each pose.

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