Athenex Oncology launches Your Guide to Facing Metastatic Breast Cancer, a first-of-its-kind self-care resource for people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC)

BUFFALO, N.Y. and CHICAGO, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Athenex, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATNX), a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel therapies for the treatment of cancer, today announced that Athenex Oncology, a U.S. based division of Athenex, launched Your Guide to Facing Metastatic Breast Cancer -- a free, first-of-its-kind resource offering comprehensive lifestyle guidance to people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). The Guide provides evidence-based recommendations for increasing resilience, reducing stress, maintaining good dietary and sleep habits, managing inflammation, and other tips to improve quality of life while living with MBC. The Guide can be ordered at

The launch of Your Guide to Facing Metastatic Breast Cancer is timed to coincide with MBC Awareness Day on October 13. The Guide, which is created by health and wellness company Viver Health, complements Facing MBC Together, a public education and patient support program that Athenex Oncology launched in June 2020 to provide practical and emotional support to people living with MBC.

"Introducing Your Guide to Facing Metastatic Breast Cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month underscores Athenex Oncology's commitment to meeting the needs of the metastatic breast cancer community," noted Timothy Cook, senior vice president, global oncology at Athenex. "Our continued provision of practical resources that promote health and wellness reflects our view of individuals as whole people, not as 'patients.' While the lifestyle tips in the Guide can be useful to anyone, they are designed to be especially helpful to those who are living with metastatic breast cancer."

The recommendations in the Guide are based on extensive research showing that a health-oriented lifestyle - one that encompasses a healthy diet and nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, inflammation management, and adopting coping mechanisms to become more physically and emotionally resilient - may improve overall survival and quality of life following a breast cancer diagnosis.(1-6) The Guide has distilled and translated those research findings into simple and easily understandable information that people living with MBC can adopt and implement on their own.

"Living with metastatic breast cancer is about more than just taking your medicine and keeping all your doctor's appointments," commented Beth Baughman DuPree, M.D., a board-certified general surgeon specializing in diseases of the breast, and a medical advisor to the development of the Guide. "It's about being mindful and taking an active role in your own care, while also finding ways to bring meaning to your life, whether through connecting with friends, creating art, communing with nature, or relieving stress through yoga, tai chi, quigong, reiki, or just plain laughter. Your Guide to Facing Metastatic Breast Cancer is designed to help you find your own path to health, wellness, optimism, and inner strength."

Dr. DuPree, who is the medical director of the oncology service line at Northern Arizona Healthcare, vice president, health at Holy Redeemer Health System in Pennsylvania, as well as founder and president of the Healing Consciousness Foundation added, "While the Guide was created before the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, its recommendations can be particularly useful during these difficult times, when people with metastatic breast cancer feel even more isolated than usual."

For more information, and to obtain a copy of Your Guide to Facing Metastatic Breast Cancer, visit and click on the Patient Resources tab.

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The Athenex Oncology brand was established in 2019 to provide accessible information and multiple resources to oncology customers, including health care professionals, patients, and caregivers, who the Company believes will greatly benefit from Athenex's broad pipeline of innovative oncology products. By rethinking the challenges associated with certain anticancer treatments, Athenex Oncology can help expand the range of available treatment options for patients.

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