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OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- recently awarded their highest ranking to Rev, a frontrunner among Transcription Services.

Transcription services are used by individuals and businesses who need text from audio. That could be a video content creator looking to caption her next upload, a university student who doesn't have time to take notes from a recorded lecture, or even a company with a toll-free number where customer voicemails need to be sent to the right representative to handle a problem. Most transcription services are differentiated by the process they offer: some use speech-to-text-software, while others employ professional transcriptionists to listen to files and type out the information. Before choosing a provider, prospective customers should be aware of which system is being used and to what promised level of quality, because both methods have their pros and cons - and the services are priced accordingly.

"There are few transcription services out there that offer a true 'soup-to-nuts' range of options, which is what makes Rev so special," according to Brian Dolezal of, LLC. "From video captions to foreign subtitles and more, this provider can handle it all - and at prices that are very competitive with rival transcription services. Rev uses both speech-to-text software and professional transcriptionists, allowing customers to choose the level of accuracy needed: 80% accuracy for computer-based transcriptions and 99% for human-transcribed files. Clients have praised Rev, particularly for their commitment to quality: if there's a problem, the audio file will be reworked until the customer is satisfied or has their money refunded. There's just no other service that can match what Rev offers, making them the obvious choice in 2020 as our five-star winner for Transcription Services."

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About Rev
Rev's software enables freelancers to seamlessly transcribe, caption, and subtitle content in one simple interface. With years of accurate transcription data, the company was able to build an industry-leading speech recognition engine to transcribe speech-to-text in minutes. Rev uses professional freelancers, advanced software, and proprietary artificial intelligence to offer exceptional accuracy and the fastest turnaround at the lowest prices. Rev has saved individuals, enterprises, and developers countless hours and fundamentally changed the way their content is accessed, shared, and utilized.

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