Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Menlo Security as a Growth and Innovation Leader in the Asia-Pacific Web Security Market

Menlo Security's innovative, cloud-centric, isolation-based approach to web security and deployment flexibility are key differentiators in the market

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan has identified Menlo Security as a growth and innovation leader in the Frost Radar(TM): Asia-Pacific Web Security Market, 2020. Sophisticated and diverse web attacks, including embedded, well-disguised malware or phishing attacks that extract data without malicious software, highlight the need for web security products to guard against modern attacks. In addition to the expanding threat landscape, regulatory pressures from industrial and government groups, cost-reduction requirements, local preferences, and demand for integrated security drive market growth.

The Asia-Pacific web security market is expected to generate $1.3 billion in revenue by 2024. While an on-premises deployment model is most prevalent, cloud deployments are rapidly gaining acceptance in the region due to their scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

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"Menlo Security has exhibited the unique value it brings to the competitive Asia-Pacific web security market by taking a cloud-first approach to its web security solutions--leading the way for others to follow in the traditionally hardware-centric Asia-Pacific market and setting itself up for future success as cloud adoption grows in the region," noted Qi Yong Lim, Associate, Information and Communication Technology at Frost & Sullivan. "The company's integrated approach to web security allows it to add adjacent security capabilities as required, which significantly adds value to customers' security postures while simultaneously reducing susceptibility to security stack sprawl."

As Menlo Security continues to expand its product line and enter new markets in the region, the company's solid value proposition, customer-centric focus, and understanding of local markets augur well.

"We are honored to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Growth and Innovation Leader in the Frost Radar(TM) report on the Asia-Pacific Web Security Market," said Stephanie Boo, Vice President, Asia-Pacific Sales and Field Operations at Menlo Security. "This recognition is a testament to our work in the region as we continue to innovate and deliver the most secure zero-trust approach to preventing malicious attacks while making online security invisible to end users."

Menlo Security's robust growth strategy and customizable security solutions are helping it gain a strategic advantage in the region by:

    --  Leading the cloud deployment market in banking and finance and
        government organizations across Asia-Pacific.
    --  Leveraging its wide presence in the Asia-Pacific region with coverage of
        every market in the area.
    --  Incorporating zero-trust principles into its web security solutions via
        its proprietary Isolation Core(TM) technology, which approaches threat
        prevention from a "trust no one, isolate everything" attitude.
    --  Building an integrated technology ecosystem consisting of vendors across
        the ecosystem, including Okta, VMWare, and Microsoft.
    --  Offering on-premises support in alignment with the preferences in local
        markets, despite being a cloud-focused company.
    --  Negating the need for certain controls, such as risk profiling, as it
        isolates all websites and web content, regardless of

Frost Radar(TM): Asia-Pacific Web Security Market, 2020 provides results from an in-depth analysis built on a 360-degree research methodology where over 37 companies were evaluated. The team of industry analysts identified 14 industry leaders excelling at innovation, most poised for growth and ripe for investment, and recognizes them in the Frost Radar with insight into their innovative offerings, projected growth rates, strengths, and opportunities for the future.

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