Laser Research Optics CO2 Lenses & Mirrors are Optimized for the Most Popular Fabric Cutting Lasers

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Laser Research Optics has introduced a new line of laser optics for popular low power cutting lasers used in textile manufacturing and repurposing fabric into personal protection face masks.

Laser Research CO2 Lenses & Mirrors are optimized for 10.6 microns, making them ideal for most popular low power lasers used in all types of textile and fabric cutting operations. Eliminating the need for users to maintain their own inventory of lenses and mirrors, they meet OEM and ISO-10110 specifications and are shipped within 24-hours to minimize downtime.

Laser Research CO2 Lenses come in 0.5" to 1.5" dia. sizes with focal lengths from 1" to 25" with dual-band A/R coatings, if required, and mirrors come in 0.75" to 1.5" dia. sizes. Shipped from stock, they are suitable for Camtech®, Emission Technologies®, Epilog®, Ferba®, GCC Laser Pro Engravers®, Gravograph®, Jamieson Lasers® Kern®, LST Lasers®, Pinnacle®, Synrad®, Trotec®, Vytek®, and Universal® lasers.

Laser Research CO2 Lenses & Mirrors are priced according to size and quantity; shipment is from stock with overnight delivery.

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