Mitsubishi Electric Launches u series Escalator

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6503) announced today the immediate commercial launch of its new u series of escalators, which enhance passenger safety and comfort and also achieve significant energy savings compared to previous models. The company is targeting annual sales of 500 units in the ASEAN, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Indian markets.

Main Features

1) Enhanced passenger safety and comfort

  • The “Slow-stop function” slowly decelerates the escalator when an emergency stop is made, and the optional “Speed change operation” enables low-speed operation, both of which reduce the risk of passengers falling, for enhanced safety and comfort.
  • A higher curb-like deck board helps to prevent passengers from stepping their feet on this stationary part, thereby avoiding potential accidents.
  • An optional built-in ultraviolet light sterilizes the handrail to lower infection risks (not guaranteed to prevent all risks of infection).

2) Energy Savings

  • A variable-voltage variable-frequency (VVVF) inverter control optimizes motor efficiency, especially for light loads.
  • In the case of few or no passengers, an optional function can slow or stop the escalator to reduce energy consumption by about 30%.
  • A regenerative converter enables electric power generated as the escalator descends with a certain passenger load to be converted for other electrical needs in the building.
  • Optional LEDs used for various lights reduce power consumption and achieve long life.

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