PrivacyCheq Offers Apple-style 'Nutrition Label' Privacy Notices for CCPA Compliance

YORK, Pa., Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, PrivacyCheq is launching PrivacyUX LiveStart, a low cost, structured version of its PrivacyUX for CCPA service. Unlike typical enterprise SaaS solutions that often take months to set up and configure, PrivacyUX LiveStart is designed for rapid deployment within a few hours at each user touchpoint where consumer data is gathered - web sites, mobile apps, in email, telemarketing, even in physical retail and hospitality businesses.

This week, Apple Computer set the new standard for privacy transparency by requiring its 20 million app developers to comply with CCPA by offering "nutrition label" privacy disclosures in its App store. Using PrivacyUX LiveStart, enterprises can quickly capture and amplify the trust-building aspect of Apple's privacy leadership while simultaneously coming into compliance with CCPA's "Notice At Collection" requirements.

PrivacyCheq is offering this rapid deployment solution for enterprises that need to quickly comply with this often overlooked aspect of CCPA. With CCPA enforcement underway since July 1, 2020 and California's new CPPA enforcement agency voted into existence on November 3rd, quickly demonstrating in-progress compliance efforts for consumer benefit is the best way to avoid regulatory scrutiny, reputational damage and possible enforcement fines.

PrivacyCheq's CEO Roy Smith said "While one might expect an inexpensive 'rapid deployment' service to be a bare-bones minimal product, in fact the opposite is true. Because it is based on a paradigm users already understand - the 'nutrition facts' label on food products, and because it leverages the interactivity of the mobile devices consumers predominantly use, PrivacyUX has been acclaimed by analysts and thought leaders as one of the best privacy notice implementations."

Smith continued "Of course, Notice at Collection is only the first and most obvious aspect of CCPA compliance. Our full PrivacyUX for CCPA service (which is available as a seamless upgrade) handles other aspects of operational opt-out and rights management, including a 'single source of truth' opt-out database accessible via API, child/parent privacy management, multilingual and vision-impaired delivery, SMS interactivity, and most importantly real-time access of user preferences for downstream third, fourth, and fifth party data sharing partners. By avoiding dependence on browser cookies, PrivacyUX sidesteps all of the technical and regulatory issues that face so called 'cookie banner' systems."

Using PrivacyUX LiveStart, within just a few hours, enterprises can build and deploy fully CCPA-compliant collection notices at each consumer touchpoint. By design, the LiveStart program has minimal requirements: Sign up, fill in required fields using information from existing corporate privacy policy, use the test link to fine tune, gather comments and management/legal approval, then deploy.

A live demonstration of the PrivacyUX LiveStart Notice at Collection can be viewed on any smartphone simply by texting "CCPA" to 717-467-3214 in the US or 44-19423-16305 in the UK.

With Apple setting this new standard for trust and transparency in its app store, PrivacyUX LiveStart offers enterprises the ability to ride the privacy wave and signal their commitment to consumer privacy while taking the important first step toward CCPA compliance.

PrivacyUX LiveStart is available for immediate deployment at

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