First Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Patient Treated with Xstrahl's RADiant Superficial Radiation Therapy in Nashville Metropolitan Area

ATLANTA, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Xstrahl announced today that Advanced Skin & Laser Center is the first comprehensive dermatology center in the Nashville area to deliver superficial radiation therapy (SRT) using RADiant to treat non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). Xstrahl's RADiant dual modality radiation therapy system expands treatment options for patients who are not candidates for surgery.

Founded in 1998 by renowned board-certified dermatologist, Dr. John Q. Binhlam, Advanced Skin & Laser Center is committed to both clinical excellence and quality while remaining focused on the patient experience.

"We chose to expand our practice to include both electronic brachytherapy and superficial radiation for treating NMSC with RADiant because we want to deliver the highest quality care to our patients and offer multiple treatment options," said Dr. Binhlam. "We partnered with Xstrahl because the company has a long history and commitment to developing high quality products using low-dose, x-ray based therapy. We are pleased to offer options that other dermatologists cannot provide in our area and to provide our patients an alternative to surgery," added Dr. Binhlam.

Binhlam and his team of medical professionals offer an extensive array of both medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology services in Brentwood, Cool Springs, and Franklin, Tennessee. The first patient treated using RADiant therapy was not a candidate for surgery because he was an elderly gentleman who had multiple squamous cell carcinomas of the nose, forehead, and cheek that would be deforming if surgical removal was done on him. Dr. Binhlam said he recommended superficial radiation therapy because it offers a comparable cure rate to other treatment options. The first patient received treatments over 8 weeks with a series of very low doses of radiation, and the cancers have responded favorably.

"Dermatologists are often on the frontline in providing treatment to cancer patients with NMSC. Helping clinics like Advanced Skin & Laser Center increase access to x-ray therapy for patients who are not candidates for surgery is core to our mission to help eradicate cancer," said Adrian Treverton, CEO of Xstrahl. "We are delighted that patients throughout Nashville now have access to this treatment option for NMSC," he added.

Incidences of skin cancer continue to rise worldwide. While many patients with basal cell carcinomas or squamous cell carcinomas have superior results with surgery, some patients may be on blood thinners or have other co-morbidities that make surgery a less suitable treatment option. RADiant allows dermatology practices to expand their treatment armamentarium as a complement to surgery, not a replacement. RADiant provides a treatment option that reduces discomfort, scarring and downtime for this particular sub-group of patients.

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