Aqua Illinois announces nearly $800,000 awarded in COVID-19 relief this year

KANKAKEE, Ill., Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aqua Illinois announces today that it has awarded nearly $800,000 in COVID-19 Bill Payment Assistance relief funds since launching the program earlier this year. Alongside a commitment to ensure customers' uninterrupted access to essential water and wastewater services, the utility provider established the program to help customers experiencing financial hardship amid the pandemic.

"We're pleased that we had the opportunity to award these funds as part of our ongoing commitment to compassionate service," said Craig Blanchette, President, Aqua Illinois. "These unprecedented times call for support like never before. It's important that our customers know they can count on us to be there for them."

Aqua Illinois already had a solid foundation in place for giving back to customers when the pandemic hit, having brought neighbors and needs together for years through its Aqua Aid program. Funded by customer donations, Aqua Aid allows customers to help others in their community maintain access to reliable services.

In 2020, Aqua Illinois worked with state agencies and stakeholders to expand assistance to customers by developing a new program for those financially impacted by COVID-19. Administered through Aqua Aid, the program provided customers the opportunity to apply COVID-19 Bill Payment Assistance award funds as credits toward outstanding bill charges, and to set up flexible payment arrangements that better suited their needs in this uniquely challenging year.

Since launching the program, Aqua Illinois has encouraged customers in any of the 69 communities that the company serves to call to take advantage of this dedicated aid.

"Seeing the profound financial impact that the pandemic has had on our customers, we knew that expanding our relief efforts was an important way to show up for them right now," Blanchette added. "We will continue to identify meaningful ways to be a good partner in the communities we serve."

Aqua Illinois continues to offer ongoing assistance via Aqua Aid, in addition to flexible payment arrangements for customers who express financial hardship in light of COVID-19. To learn more about available assistance, or to support a neighbor in need, call Aqua's Customer Service team at 877.987.2782 or visit

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Aqua Illinois is a subsidiary of Essential Utilities Inc. Founded in 1886, Aqua Illinois currently provides customers in 69 communities and 13 counties with water and wastewater services. To learn more, please visit

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