Indra and Thales partnership to offer next generation tactical communications system to Spanish Armed Forces

Spain, December 18, 2020 - In response to Spain’s decision to renew the country’s existing infrastructure, Indra and Thales, two of Europe’s leading high-tech Defence sector companies, have signed an agreement to work in partnership to offer a next-generation tactical communications system to Spain’s Armed Forces.

The new communications system will notably enhance interoperability during international missions, and ensure Spain’s full sovereignty and technical autonomy over strategic military communications.

Superiority over the enemy in today’s theatre of operations depends on the rapid, agile and secure exchange of information.

Platforms and vehicles are becoming increasingly intelligent, equipped with extremely accurate sensors, which collect a high volume of information and operate in a network with other systems.

Joint action with forces from other countries brings even greater technological complexity to the theatre: software-defined radio (SDR) represents a key factor for success for the modern army in such a scenario.

The most cutting-edge forces will turn to SDR in the coming years for its transmission capability, speed, secure information exchange and flexibility to interoperate with other allied forces.

A unique offer combining sovereignty, support and a robust industrial plan for Spanish industry

The offer from Indra and Thales comprises the development of new high-technology products and solutions in Spain, based on a proven Thales solution. The new products will be based on Thales’ SYNAPS radio product family, together with a next generation SDR system to be developed jointly with Indra.

Indra and Thales’ extensive radio hardware and software expertise, as well as their experience in operations, mean both companies will be able to provide services support to the Spanish Armed Forces throughout the product lifecycle.

The industrial plan included as part of the offer is designed to boost the specialisation of Spanish companies in higher value-added activities, going beyond manufacturing and assembly of third-party solutions.

If implemented, it will enable Spanish companies to better compete on the international market and support sustainable employment in the country, while strengthening Spain’s technological know-how and autonomy.

The partnership will bring significant mutual benefits for both companies, strengthening Indra’s solutions portfolio, and consolidating Thales’ industrial footprint in the defence sector in Spain.

About Indra

Indra ( is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers world-wide. It is a world-leader in providing proprietary solutions in specific segments in Transport and Defence markets. Indra is an international leader in the Defence Industry for its development of critical national defence projects for the countries for which it works, for its participation in major European programs in the NATO framework and its export capacity, as well as the Spanish national coordinator in the European FCAS Defence program. Moreover, a leading firm in Digital Transformation Consultancy and Information Technologies in Spain and Latin America through its affiliate Minsait. In the 2019 financial year, Indra achieved revenue of €3.204 billion, with more than 49,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and business operations in over 140 countries.

About Thales

Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) is a global high technology leader investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations –connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum technology – to build a future we can all trust, which is vital to the development of our societies. The company provides solutions, services and products that help its customers –businesses, organisations and states – in the defence, aeronautics, space, transportation and digital identity and security markets to fulfil their critical missions, by placing humans at the heart of the decision-making process.

With 83,000 employees in 68 countries, Thales generated sales of €19 billion in 2019 (on a basis including Gemalto over 12 months).

Thales in Spain, with more than 1,400 employees, helps its customers in the fields of defence, aerospace, security and digital identity and transport. The defence activity is carried out through the company Thales Programas de Electrónica y Comunicaciones based in Leganés (Madrid).

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