Amazon's Unfair Treatment of Small Business Owners Alert: Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. Shares a Top Reason Amazon is Closing Seller Accounts in Q4

LONG BEACH, N.Y., Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. announced today in a breaking news video that there has been an explosion in the fourth quarter of the year of Amazon sellers getting suspended for having more than one account open or having related accounts. Many of these suspensions are baseless because sellers either do not have multiple accounts or they had previous permission from Amazon to do so. The video gives detailed information of what to do and not do to avoid Amazon from flagging an account or linking a seller's multiple accounts.

"For the balance of Q4, and into 2021, a seller should do everything possible not to get caught with related accounts, even if they have Amazon's permission," said CJ Rosenbaum, Esq., a partner of the firm. "If a seller is operating more than one account with Amazon's permission, or has brand differentiation between the accounts, he or she is still at major risk and will likely lose sales at this vital point in Q4."

The firm has identified a number of ways Amazon links accounts and implores sellers to avoiding these actions. Some of these include: never use the same computer to go on the different accounts; do not use the same IP address; do not use the same Mac address; and making sure email addresses for each account are entirely different. The firm also cautions that there are many other unknown ways of how Amazon links accounts so this is an issue that should not be handled lightly.

"There are many other data points that Amazon refuses to reveal, even when we cross examine them at arbitration," said Rosenbaum. "Our advice to Amazon sellers is 'Be super careful. Don't get caught. Don't do anything that triggers Amazon's algorithm.'"

For more useful tips, watch the firm's latest breaking news video or YouTube channel.

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