Wonderful Online CSCTE 2020 Showcases New Achievements in Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Industry

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sports folk cultural performances, a range of advanced sports science and technology achievements, well-known sports brands, etc. are available at the online CSCTE 2020.

The China Sports Culture Expo is hosted by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Chinese Olympic Committee. The China Sports Tourism Expo is hosted by the All-China Sports Federation, the Chinese Olympic Committee and China Tourism Association. The CSCTE is organized by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, the Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sports of China, International Data Group (IDG), and Aiqi Sports Co., Ltd.

The China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the "CSCTE 2020") officially kicked off on December 21. This year's CSCTE are held online for the first time. With the theme of Healthy China, Powered by Sports, CSCTE showcases the sports culture with distinctive charms, abundant sports tourism resources and the fruitful achievements in the sports industry in the forms of "cloud display", "cloud visit", "cloud forum" and "cloud matchmaking".

The COVID-19, though separating us physically, does not dampen our enthusiasm for sports culture. This "cloud display" attracted over 400 world-class companies and organizations from France, Australia, Slovenia, United States, Thailand, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Nepal, Uruguay, United Kingdom, etc. Viewed through 2.5D booth, 3D booth, video, etc., CSCTE set up many exhibition zones including sports culture theme zone, international exhibition zone, domestic and foreign sports culture innovation and creativity zone, sports brands zone, domestic sports culture zone, sports technology and comprehensive health & outdoor exhibition zone, innovative sports products and application corridor, large-scale stadiums, etc.

The sports culture theme zone, which is organized, planned and implemented by the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, aims to spread sports culture, promote sports spirit, and convey the power of sports. It has been the main exhibition zone at CSCTE over the years. As the image ambassadors of CSCTE, Chang Hao, World Champion of Weiqi and Vice President of Chinese Weiqi Association, and Wei Hong, World Champion of Martial Arts, appear at the exhibition online. At the same time, the Sports Culture Development Center has selected and exhibited over 100 paintings and works of calligraphy produced by sports people and those from all walks of life across the country as the cultural appeal for the online visitors.

International and sports culture innovation and creativity zone attracted the foreign institutions and cultural exchange associations in China from France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Nepal, Slovenia, United States, Australia and other countries, as well as many international sports federations. The Argentine booth displays the management software, methods, and e-learning platform of Argentine AFA FTI to showcase the new technical ideas of an established football powerhouse. At the German booth, exhibits are put on by the brands such as FC Schalke 04 and BVB, European leading yoga brand YogaEasy, and the well-known ALBA BERLIN Basketball team, etc. At the luxurious and trendy French booth, a visual feast is presented by such French brands as well-known resort brand Club Med, top sports service organization MyComm, well-known arena construction company ABEST, sports and celebration event company ECA2, and sports goods retailer Decathlon. Wonderful creative ideas on sports are also shared by Nepalese enterprises such as sports-related tour guide company Drift, mountain bike company Himalayan, the world's second Bungee Jumping company The Cliff, cross-country race MILALEI; British enterprises such as the world-leading engineering company Atkins and football training academy ICFDS; Austrian companies such as the ice and snow company AST; Slovenian exhibitors such as Elan Snowboard; American companies such as Harley, DISTA, and Guam Visitors Bureau; and Australian tourism service company GM Tours.

The domestic sports culture exhibition zone showcases the featured sports culture and tourism programs in China. Sports bureaus from nearly 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu showcase rich development results and distinctive sports culture and sports tourism resources.

Chinese and foreign high-end sports goods brands, sports service brands, and well-known sports event brands are displayed at the sports brands zone. SNOW MONKEY, a well-known manufacturer of ice and snow facilities and devices, displays dry ski module, smart material armor, design of terrain park, ski gear, and ski simulators. As a leader in the Asia-Pacific market, Airgoal, a football equipment brand, exhibits the latest type of football training equipment. TONGXIN, a national sports demonstration agency, showcases the professional track equivalent to that of the Beijing National Stadium. ACT displays a mixed-planting patchwork turf system, retractable stands and smart floors suitable for multi-function stadium and post-game operations, which can bring vitality to the stadium, and are an important part of modern smart stadiums. Thanks to "cloud display" technology, the visitors can view the key products of well-known sports brands comprehensively at close range without the constraints of time or space.

The sensational, awesome and eye-catching CSCTE sets up exhibition zones of their own features. The exhibitions showcase the current status of sports culture and sports tourism at home and abroad, as well as the development trend of the sports industry. By building the international, professional, market-oriented and high-end sports culture and sports industry display and trading platform, CSCTE will foster international exchanges and cooperation in the industry, promote industry reform and innovation, and contribute to the progress of the industry. CSCTE has become a globally influential high-end event in China's sports sector. It is reported that the CSCTE 2020 will continue until December 23. You can visit the website (http://yun.cectexpo.com/) for the exhibition via computer and mobile phones.

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