Yuanyuan's Adventure Episode : The Reclamation of Taiwan

BEIJING, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by China.org.cn:

In the late 15th and early 16th centuries, as the world ushered in the Age of Discovery, Taiwan, a beautiful island with rich resources became a target of Western colonial exploitation. A group of pirates from the Netherlands and Spain were particularly active. They set foot on this island and committed all sorts of crimes against its people.

In 1624, the Dutch seized Taiwan, brutally oppressing and exploiting the residents there. It is never too late for justice! Zheng Chenggong, who fought fierce battles against the invaders, successfully reclaimed Taiwan. In many ways, he's my idol and I really admire him.

In 1661, Zheng Chenggong led the army to Taiwan and launched fierce attacks on the Dutch imperialists. A few months later, the Dutch surrendered, and Taiwan, the Chinese territory which had been colonized for 38 years, was eventually reclaimed.

When the country was facing great difficulties, Zheng, who was commanding a weaker force, dared to challenge the stronger invaders. He also made sure that anyone who attacked China would be dealt with no matter how far away they were. This is exactly what protecting the people and giving them a sense of security is all about! After leading his warriors in a valiant battle to reclaim their homeland, Zheng Chenggong reasserted control over Taiwan and began a massive program to develop the island. Through both its political and military achievements, Taiwan transformed itself from a "punching bag", which was exploited by foreign powers and pirates, to a world-respected maritime trade hub. At the same time, culture, etiquette and education flourished on the island.

Zheng Chenggong not only brought Taiwan under Han Chinese rule for the first time, but also attracted many people from the Chinese mainland to the island. The rule has endured for three generations in Taiwan, and made great contributions to the development of the island. Since then, Taiwan has ushered in a sustained period of prosperity and peace.

History continues its unstoppable march. And yet another sudden change appears on the horizon, but is it a blessing or a curse? Stay tuned for our next episode and I'll tell you more!

Yuanyuan's Adventure Episode ?: The Reclamation of Taiwan

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