DR. FRANZ's introduces Trouble Acne Skin Dual Mask System, exclusively for medical professionals

NEW YORK, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinically proven to leave skin feeling tightened, toned and reduce the signs of aging, DR. FRANZ award-winning masks feature innovative, game-changing technology. Now exclusively available for medical professionals, DR. FRANZ introduces the latest to their Dual Mask System, specifically to target oily and acne prone skin. This specially formulated face mask system is perfect for home care after a client's dermatologic treatment to maximize their results and improve skin, long-term.

The DR FRANZ Trouble Acne Skin Dual Mask System brings spa technology to your client's home through two exclusive methods. Using DR. FRANZ Skincare's Tissue X(TM), nourishing ingredients are delivered 6x deeper into layers of your client's skin, for a more effective delivery than a typical topical application. Tissue X(TM) gives a non-invasive facelift at home perfect for upkeep between dermatological treatments. This eco-friendly technology uses water, rather than battery power, to create tiny, rejuvenating waves across your client's face. The result is instant hydration, reduced pores, and smooth and firm skin.

While Tissue X(TM) acts as the delivery method, the Enriching Mask serum acts as the healing component. Enriching Mask serum contains targeted ingredients delivered into the deepest layers of skin, including a super lower molecular Hyaluronic Acid for deep penetration into the layers or skin along with Aloe Vera and Winter Green for preventing skin concerns through pore care. Utilizing Coated Dual Mask for preventing water loss, this dual mask set cleanses pores and exfoliates without irritation. It contains ten anti-inflammatory natural extracts for a gentle soothing effect. However, this mask set packs a punch activating stem-cells and boosting cell regeneration.

DR FRANZ Trouble Acne Skin Dual Mask System is meant to be used twice a week for a month and then decreased to once a week for glowing, firm, acne-free skin. The DR FRANZ line is sold exclusively to medical professionals. Available for medical and spa professional purchase on https://franzskincaremd.com/ two treatments for $60.

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