Verge Health, Part of RLDatix, Named a Leading Provider of Credentialing Services in KLAS Credentialing Report

CHICAGO, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Verge Health, now part of RLDatix, has once again been rated a leading provider of Credentialing Services by KLAS Research in the 2020 KLAS Credentialing Report.

The report titled "Who is Meeting Emergent Provider Needs During COVID-19," focuses on how well solutions address the most prevalent and pressing challenges, including remote credentialing, emergency and urgent approvals, telehealth credentialing and out of state approvals.

RLDatix's turnkey credentialing solution helps organizations create an optimal process for credentialing, privileging and performance monitoring, while ensuring safe, high-quality patient care and committee effectiveness.

Across the board, the credentialing solution received top marks and praise from customers. When it comes to remote credentialing, the solution outpaces others in the market. Through an intuitive web portal and a hands-on, proactive team of credentialing experts, healthcare organizations were able to remotely process provider credentialing quickly and effectively during a highly stressful and unprecedented time. The SaaS based tool has also empowered many organizations to adopt a paperless approach to credentialing which is particularly useful when working from various locations throughout the pandemic.

"We take great pride in building relationships with our customers and are thrilled to see that they view us as a trusted, proactive and highly communicative partner as reflected by this KLAS report," said Chris Malanuk, SVP Provider Solutions, RLDatix. "COVID-19 has reinforced the importance of a refreshed approach to credentialing that includes a comprehensive provider profile, mobile tools to support providers and medical staff professionals, as well as virtual meetings to help ensure efficient turnaround times, new provider on-boarding, and uninterrupted operations."

This continued industry recognition and high rankings from customers further cements RLDatix as a driving force in the future of credentialing.

"Credentialing is a critical component of the Provider Management pillar in RLDatix's Applied Safety Intelligence(TM)( )framework," said Jeff Surges, CEO, RLDatix. "As we focus on shifting the industry from a reactive to proactive approach to safety, credentialing plays an essential role and provides a central source of truth for integrated provider data management. The KLAS report clearly highlights that customers see our credentialing solution as a fundamental part of their high reliability journey and a tool to accelerate and support their strategic governance, risk and compliance initiatives."

Annually, KLAS Research conducts interviews of healthcare professionals to gather accurate, honest and impartial research on the tools and services used by providers and payers in the healthcare IT industry. These interviews, scores and commentary are collected in real time and complied into the KLAS report so that other providers and IT professionals can benefit from their peers' knowledge and experience.

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