CES 2021 ENPO AI Smart energy storage system innovates the use of electrical grid interactions

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Interxie (Intersection Energy Technology Ltd.) has developed ENPO, an energy storage system that easily optimizes the use of self-generated power. It is Easy-to-use / Long-lasting / Multifunctional / Scalable / Light-travel. ENPO is selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

ENPO avoids power outage and adjusts energy usage capacity automatically. It not only extends a longer life cycle, but also reduces energy cost to provide users with advanced power consumption experience by smartly charging grid energy when the utility price is low and powering the house when the price is high. ENPO energy storage system is innovating the way of electrical grid interactions.

Future homes with renewable energy

ENPO can be easily integrated with new or existing renewable energy systems, to manage and optimize the use of self-generated power system. One of the important features of ENPO is plug and play installation, which is a simple and stable installation that makes a significant reduction in system costs. Users just need to plug into the power outlet and turn on the setup button. ENPO eliminates overloads and smooths the fluctuations of power occurring irrespective of the production of renewable energy. Together with an electricity stethoscope, users can automatically detect whether the grid supply in the situation of blackout, leakages, or electricity tripping.

Interxie develops an OPO mobile app that seamlessly controls and monitors the device status. The app provides real-time energy usage information, automatic charging management. Besides, ENPO connects with OPO cloud control, capable of multi-device control, managing the data of power consumption from home to community simultaneously.

With ENPO, the power is scalable because its stackable battery module design allows extending energy capacity that users can freely decide the number of battery modules to meet their demands. In outdoor applications, few battery modules are quite suitable for light-travel/camping. The more batteries, the more power.

A group of dedicated professionals at Interxie

To utilize the grid and power more efficiently is Interxie's goal and mission. The team provides comprehensive energy storage solutions, focusing on Energy Storage Systems (ESS) development. Interxie develops an innovative technology on a three-phase battery with high rate and dual voltage features. In addition, Interxie provides modularized products at convenience. This technology could easily be applied to cold-chain logistics, uncrewed vehicles, industrial/domestic energy storage systems, etc., offering comprehensive energy conservation solutions to various industries. The team members of Interxie are highly passionate about lightening the world evenly, to offer stable electricity infrastructures all over the world. More importantly, Interxie envisions turning the power shortage issues into a balanced, sustainable, and renewable environment for the following generations.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3bf9ez

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