An Oil Industry Client Achieves Significant Return on Investment and Established Itself as an Innovative Competitor | Infiniti’s Recent Success With Market Intelligence Solutions

The oil industry is extremely challenging, and industry players often face significant logistic and supply chain challenges. Recently, industry leaders are shifting from geocentric models to globally centralized functional models. While the aim is to improve performance, more often than not, the inability to deliver efficiently causes major setbacks for industry players. Therefore, oil industry players are now leveraging market intelligence solutions to make data-driven strategic decisions, improve operational efficiency, and successfully establish a broad-based frontline mobilization.

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Market Intelligence Solution for an Oil Industry Client: Business Outcomes (Graphic: Business Wire).

Market Intelligence Solution for an Oil Industry Client: Business Outcomes (Graphic: Business Wire).

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“The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a significant threat to the global oil industry. Our business continuity support solutions can help oil companies combat the business impact of COVID-19, maintain business continuity, and prepare for the new normal,” says an oil and gas industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a leading oil company based out of the United States, sought to improve performance by developing a centralized functional model instead of the current geocentric model. However, decentralizing became ineffectual and difficult to manage. The oil industry client sought to improve capital efficiency, allocate scarce capabilities better, and address workforce challenges. Therefore, they chose to leverage Infiniti’s expertise in offering market intelligence solutions. During the seven-week engagement, the client also wanted to enhance their operational expertise, improve safety standards, and adopt industry best practices.

Our Approach:

To assist the oil industry client, Infiniti’s market intelligence experts developed a comprehensive approach, which included the following:

  • Creating a central organization template, helping the client develop a unit organization design, and mapping existing roles to a new organization
  • Planning towards the implementation of a new organization, project management, and risk management
  • Establishing a broad-based mobilization of the frontline, building a strong operational infrastructure, and creating effective communication strategies

Business Outcome:

Leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions helped the oil industry client implement the new organization across their units while avoiding disruption and before the deadline. This enabled defining process maps and decisions for particular key processes and document responsibilities for key roles. Additionally, they established a broad-based frontline mobilization, built a strong operational infrastructure that supports loyalty initiatives and effective communication strategies. The oil industry client repositioned itself as a competitor, offered more flexible pricing and offerings. Lastly, the market intelligence solution helped the client achieve a 6x return on invested capital.

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