Trust in COVID-19 Vaccine Shifts 67%, Medisafe Reports

BOSTON, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Results from a new Medisafe survey of more than 4,000 patients reveal new confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, with 80% of respondents placing trust in the shot, compared to just 13% of patients surveyed in October 2020. The new Medisafe survey aimed to examine patients' feelings about entering year two of the pandemic, the COVID-19 vaccine, and the impact of the virus.

Survey findings show that 56% of respondents will get the vaccine as soon as its available, compared to just 21% last October, and 6% have already received their vaccination. Despite the eagerness to receive their vaccine, half of all respondents have concerns about side effects; 40% believe it will have limited effectiveness; and 37% believe it may take too long to distribute.

The challenges in distribution are also contributing to patients' attitudes on when they expect to return to normal activities. Nearly 50% believe it won't be until October 2021 or later before returning to traditional activity. 29 percent believe the national government has hindered vaccine distribution, while 25% say limited vaccine supply is to blame. Despite these challenges, vaccine manufacturers saw a 10% increase in favorability, with Pfizer listed as the preferred vaccine in the US among those currently available.

"The results from this latest survey show that patients are eager to take the COVID-19 vaccine, while also recognizing that normal activity is unlikely to resume until late in the year, and the pandemic has had lasting impact on their stress, exercise, and diet," said Medisafe Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Butler. "This survey provides greater visibility into patients' concerns with taking the vaccine as we enter year two of the pandemic, and captures trends related to vaccine trust, impact of the COVID-19 virus, and optimism toward recovery."

Beyond the COVID-19 vaccine, survey respondents also indicated how the pandemic has impacted their lives upon entering into its second year. Every single respondent say they know a friend or family member that has been infected with COVID-19. One in 10 patients contracted the virus themselves, and 13% say they have lost a loved one to the virus.

The emotional toll of the pandemic has also upended how patients are coping, with 60% reporting higher stress levels compared to just a year ago. Half of all respondents say they are exercising less than a year ago. The results also show that men are more optimistic of a faster recovery, and users in their 20s and 30s have the highest amount of stress related to the pandemic among all age groups.

"With more than 7MM users relying on Medisafe to help manage medications, we're able to capture patients' attitudes in real-time to understand the impact of the pandemic against the backdrop of a chronic condition," Butler added. "When viewed through the lens of patients in various geographic areas, generations, and treatment areas, the COVID-19 crisis takes a more precise view on the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations."

Medisafe's survey was conducted within its digital platform January 15 - January 22, capturing the viewpoints of more than 4,000 patients who use the digital drug companion to help manage one or more medications in conjunction with a medical condition. The full report and methodology are available at:

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