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LAS VEGAS, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to current recommendations for Americans to upgrade their mask protection, SoftSeal Respirators announces availability of their gold standard N95 masks on their website SoftSeal N95 masks were just featured in The Boston Globe, and have been a trusted source for N95 mask protection since their introduction. SoftSeal masks have a soft silicone seal to the face enabling them to seal tightly and be worn comfortably for long periods of time, a statement government officials have levied against conventional N95 masks for use by the public.

SoftSeal N95 Masks were first announced in 2016 at the National Hardware Show focusing on industrial and workplace applications and were selected by Popular Science as one of the 133 Amazing Innovations of 2017 in their December publication. In recent years they have become even more in demand during wildfire season and last year for first responders and the health care industry during the pandemic. "We are pleased SoftSeal Masks were highlighted in The Boston's Globe's recent article, 'You May Need a Better Mask. Here's How to Find One', says William Ross, CEO of SoftSeal Respirators.

SoftSeal N95 masks were designed to address the simple fact that the facial seal of a mask is the most important factor in protecting your lungs. "The Difference is the Seal" is what makes SoftSeal masks different from other N95 masks. SoftSeal masks have a 360° medical grade silicone seal that stays sealed to the wearer's face while they work, breathe and speak. "N95 masks have been the gold standard for protection from day one," says Ross. "Our seal is preferred by traditional N95 mask wearers since the soft comfortable seal moves with your face improving protection and wearability. Today, with the pandemic and variant strains developing, a comfortable seal has never been more important," says Ross.

SoftSeal masks come in multiple sizes and styles and they also carry Level II Surgical & Protective Masks with sizes that fit children. The SoftSeal Family of masks can be ordered on their website The website also has valuable resources for visitors, including their NIOSH certifications, reference articles and their popular video on the importance of the facial seal on an N95 Mask.

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