Airspace Granted Patent for Its Industry-Changing Logistics Management System

Airspace today announced it has been granted a U.S. patent for its optimized logistics management system as of March 2. The patent covers the system, method, and computer programming of the logistical and graphical presentation of the most optimal path for transporting goods from a pickup location to a destination location at lowest transit cost and minimal risk.

Airspace leverages its patented technology and world-class team to provide certainty in the time-critical logistics space through unrivaled speed and shipment transparency. The routing operation is arguably the most important step in the logistical transportation process because the optimal route saves both money and time, while enabling customers to monitor progress along the route provides transparency.

“This technology is a game-changer for the supply chain and logistics industry,” said Ryan Rusnak, co-founder and CTO at Airspace.

Airspace’s technology calculates the best routes in less than a second instead of the typical 30 minutes or more that are standard in the time-critical shipping industry. The router generates a time and space expectation of where each order should be at any given time, which is checked via distributed sensors. Even if an expected flight is canceled, the technology immediately establishes a new plan and tracks it. Airspace provides automated notifications in real time to the customer instead of having to wait for personal contact calls, generating leading indicators rather than lagging ones.

“Our transparency with this process creates trust and confidence for both shippers and receivers,” said Rusnak. “We believe we are setting a new standard for the logistics industry.”

Logistical challenges are difficult because most shipments don’t start at an airport; they start at an arbitrary place such as a lab, warehouse, hospital, and so on. Airspace’s technology takes into consideration ground travel time as well, allowing for traffic to and from nearby airports to the final destination. This technology can provide the difference between life and death, for example, in the case of organs for transplant.

“If you choose a route that doesn’t give the driver enough time, you set the shipment up for failure. Create a route that is too conservative, and you risk losing the last flight that gets the package there when it’s needed,” said Nick Bulcao, co-founder and CEO of Airspace. “This is the extremely difficult optimization challenge that only Airspace can solve today, using our proprietary software and artificial intelligence. We are extremely proud of our inventors and pleased that our technology can make a real difference.”

Airspace, which recently closed its Series C funding round, is positioned to provide the best customer experience for clients while relentlessly analyzing data to address ongoing needs. It continues to grow, focused on making international expansion as seamless as possible by blending operations and R&D for the benefit of the industry.

About Airspace

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