Extension of Co-operation between Intracom Defense and Diehl Defence in the IRIS-T family of missile systems

Koropi, Μay 24, 2021: Intracom Defense (IDE) extends its cooperation with German based Diehl Defence with the receipt of new orders for the continuation of production of crucial electronic missile components and the design & manufacturing of Ground support equipment for the IRIS-T family of air & surface launched missile systems.

IDE’s innovative airborne & missile electronics operate reliably over demanding environments and are based on key factors such as:

•             IDE’s world class technology and experience in the area of high data-rate military wireless systems, characterized by communication link robustness, security and high degree of jamming immunity.

•             Specialized, in-house high speed electronics and advanced mechanical design capabilities, that allow for the development of applications with very demanding low size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) requirements.

Moreover, IDE concluded recently all qualification tests of the re-designed Field Test Equipment (FTE) eliminating all obsolescence issues. This new FTE design offers an improved cost solution (a new electronics kit) with enhanced reliability.

“This continuation of the successful co-operation with Diehl Defence in the IRIS-T family of missile systems confirms not only IDE’s competitiveness and advanced technological level in cutting-edge technologies, but also acknowledges the valuable technical and logistics support that our company provides to our industrial partners and customers, as well as to the international and Greek Armed Forces”, stated Mr. George Troullinos, CEO of IDE.

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About IDE

INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is a highly acclaimed Defense Systems Company in Greece, with an outstanding record of participation in domestic programs and exports to quality-driven international customers.

IDE utilizes high-end technologies in the design and development of advanced products in the areas of Missile Electronics, Tactical IP Communications, C4I Systems, Surveillance, Hybrid Electric Power Systems, and Unmanned Systems. The Company retains its international recognition through the long standing participation in European and NATO new technology development programs. Utilizing advanced production capabilities and large-scale project management know-how, IDE is a key player in the high technology sector of the Hellenic Defense Industry. For more information please visit: www.intracomdefense.com