Paradox Resources Announces Strategic Transaction with Sage Road Capital

Paradox Resources, LLC (“Paradox Resources” or the “Company”) today announced the closing of a strategic transaction with Sage Road Capital. Proceeds from the transaction are enabling the Company to advance the optimization and automation initiatives actively underway at its Lisbon Valley Gas Plant as Paradox continues to expand the Company’s midstream system. These efforts, combined with additional ongoing strategic initiatives, will create newly available access to high-quality gathering, processing and marketing services for regional producers of stranded Helium-rich resources in the southern Paradox Basin.

Paradox Resources, an integrated energy company, owns multiple producing oil and gas fields in Utah and Colorado which feed its wholly-owned Lisbon Valley Gas Plant. The Lisbon Valley Gas Plant is an advanced processing facility capable of treating 60 MMcf/d of natural gas with a 45 MMcf/d cryogenic plant and a 7,500 Bbl/d fractionation train. At full current capacity, it will strip and polish up to 1,100 Mcf/d of Helium to “6 Nines”, or 99.9999% purity. In addition to servicing its own growing production volumes, the Company has executed multiple new contracts with third-party producers that provide integrated solutions and have now created market access for their natural gas production.

Paradox Resources is capable of selling the highest quality purified Helium, a product that is in short supply globally and is an especially critical element in this form of purity for the Semiconductor, Medical, Research, Space and Defense Industries, in addition to the Welding and Balloon and Party Industries. The Company’s Lisbon Valley Gas Plant is one of only eight Helium liquefiers in the United States, representing 7% of total North American Helium liquefaction capacity, and sits in the Paradox Basin in the Four Corners region of the United States. The Paradox Basin has been noted by the U.S. Geological Survey as having one of the largest undeveloped oil and natural gas fields in the United States and contains reservoirs with world-class Helium content of up to 8% of the total natural gas stream. Virtually 100% of these volumes are expected to be accessible to the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant.

As it has expanded its regional presence, Paradox Resources has taken an active leadership role in advancing important social initiatives to invest in and improve lives in its local communities. Paradox will continue to move forward with projects that reduce emissions, its carbon footprint and its overall environmental impact.

“Our transaction with Sage Road Capital better enables Paradox to access a critical but stranded Helium resource and transport it to the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant to process and liquefy 6 Nines Helium. It also represents further validation of Paradox’s positioning within the Four Corners region and the broader Helium market. We look forward to working with the Sage Road team to realize the potential of the region’s significant undeveloped resources,” said Todd A. Brooks, Paradox Resources President and Chief Executive Officer.

Benjamin A. Stamets, Managing Partner of Sage Road Capital, stated, “We are excited to partner with Paradox Resources and its management team. Todd is a talented entrepreneur who has done an exceptional job growing Paradox Resources over the past four years into a major player in the North American Helium market. Our investment illustrates our confidence in the Company’s vision and strategy and in the capability of its leadership to deliver on those. Sage Road remains passionate about investing and stewarding capital in a responsible manner and we believe Paradox’s growth potential and ESG initiatives align well with our objectives.”

About Paradox Resources

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Paradox Resources is a privately held, return driven, independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development, production, acquisition, transportation and processing of oil, natural gas and Helium resources in the United States, with primary assets within the Paradox Basin of Utah and Colorado. More information about the Company may be found at

About Sage Road Capital

Sage Road Capital is a Houston, Texas based private equity investor in the energy industry. Founded in 2012, Sage Road targets lower middle-market investment opportunities in North America. For more information, please visit