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The "Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy" book from Elsevier Science and Technology has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This book will serve as an invaluable resource for researchers in the fields of energy, engineering, material science, chemistry, and physics, from both industry and academia.

Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy provides a comprehensive and reliable overview of the many ways nuclear energy contributes to society.

Comprised of four volumes, it includes topics such as generating clean electricity, improving medical diagnostics and cancer treatment, improving crop yields, improving food shelf-lives, and crucially, the deployment of nuclear energy as an alternative energy source, one that is proving to be essential in the management of global warming.

Carefully structured into thematic sections, this encyclopedia brings together the vast and highly diversified literature related to nuclear energy into a single resource, with convenient to read, cross-referenced chapters.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Safety, licensing and decommissioning of power reactors

2. Fundamentals and history of development of nuclear energy

3. Commercial nuclear power reactors and their design

4. Advanced nuclear reactor concepts under R&D

5. The nuclear fuel and fuel cycle

6. The nuclear waste and its disposal

7. Radiation protection

8. Nuclear power for space and propulsion

9. Research reactors

10. Medical, Industrial and Agricultural Applications of Nuclear Technology

11. Social issues of nuclear energy

12. Non-electric applications of terrestrial nuclear reactors

13. Nuclear fusion R&D

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