Global Choline Chloride Market Analysis & Forecast Report, 2016-2020 & 2021-2026 -

The "Global Choline Chloride Market (Value, Volume) - Analysis By Form, End-User, By Region, By Country (2021 Edition): Market Insights, Covid-19 Impact, Competition and Forecast (2021-2026)" report has been added to's offering.

Global Choline Chloride Market in terms of Value was USD 614.28 Million and in terms of Volume 595.65 Thousand Tonnes in year 2020 with Asia Pacific leading the regional market share.

The report presents the analysis of Choline Chloride market for the historical period of 2016-2020 and the forecast period of 2021-2026.

Increasing consumption of poultry meat and egg, growing demand for meats in the Asia-Pacific region, and increasing awareness for feed supplements among the end-users are major factors driving the growth of the choline chloride market. Rising disposable income coupled with a better standard of living has increased the consumption of poultry which in turn is expected to boost the overall demand for the choline chloride market.

Furthermore, the vitality of choline chloride for the healthy functioning of the liver, proper brain development, muscle movement, better metabolism, and healthy nervous system, is anticipated to increase its demand as an essential supplement in the human nutrition industry.

Among the Forms in the Choline Chloride market (Powder and Liquid), Liquid segment leads the market. Liquid choline chloride is a colorless, odorless, clear substance which is soluble in water, non-corrosive and non-toxic in nature. The product is extensively adopted in poultry feed industry on account of its ability to enhance growth and performance, nutrient utilization, fat metabolism and improves reproductive ability in animals. The product helps prevent health disorders such as liver enlargement and leg deformity, also called perosis in chicks.

Based on End-User (Animal Feed, Human Nutrition, Oil & Gas, Others), Animal Feed segment gains a considerable share. Choline Chloride is highly adopted by the feed industry as it is used to manufacture animal feed and aqua feed products. Choline chloride has been intensively used in animal feed and appears as a liquid solution with a concentration of 75% as this concentration is stable. The high importance of choline in the animal body, such as an important metabolite that is important for maintaining the cell structure in an animal's body and other important characteristics, has been one of the primary factors for the upsurge of the choline chloride market.

The Asia Pacific Region dominates the Choline Chloride market. The growth of the choline chloride market in the region is primarily attributed to the increasing demand for poultry meat and the expansion of the aquaculture industry. The growing demand for poultry meat in countries such as Japan, and China has led to the increasing demand for animal feed. High demand for choline chloride, along with growing population in this region, is creating a strong need for choline chloride market.

The report tracks competitive developments, strategies and mergers & acquisitions. The companies analysed in the report include BASF, Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, Eastman Chemical Company, GHW International, Balchem Corporation, Kemin Industries, Pestell Group, Nuproxa Group of Companies, Be-Long Corporation and Nutreco.

Key Target Audience

  • Choline Chloride Manufacturers & Technology Providers
  • Traders, Importers, and Exporters
  • Raw Material Suppliers and Distributors
  • Research and Consulting Firms
  • Government and Research Organizations
  • Associations and Industry Bodies

Key Topics Covered:

1. Report Scope and Methodology

2. Strategic Recommendations

3. Global Choline Chloride Market: Product Outlook

4. Global Choline Chloride Market: An Analysis

4.1 Market Size, By Value, Year 2016-2026

4.2 Market Size, By Volume, Year 2016-2026

4.3 Market Growth Rate, Year 2016-2026

5. Global Choline Chloride Market Segmentation By Form (By Value, By Volume)

5.1 Competitive Scenario of Global Choline Chloride Market: By Form

5.2 Powder Market Size and Forecast (2021-2026)

5.3 Liquid Market Size and Forecast (2021-2026)

6. Global Choline Chloride Market Segmentation By End-User (By Value, By Volume)

6.1 Competitive Scenario of Global Choline Chloride Market: By End-User

6.2 Animal Feed Market Size and Forecast (2021-2026)

6.3 Human Nutrition Market Size and Forecast (2021-2026)

6.4 Oil & Gas Market Size and Forecast (2021-2026)

6.5 Others Market Size and Forecast (2021-2026)

7. Global Choline Chloride Market: Regional Analysis

8. North America Choline Chloride Market: Segmentation By Form and End-User (2021-2026), (By Value, By Volume)

9. Europe Choline Chloride Market: Segmentation By Form and End-User (2021-2026), (By Value, By Volume)

10. Asia Pacific Choline Chloride Market: Segmentation By Form and End-User (2021-2026), (By Value, By Volume)

11. Global Choline Chloride Market Dynamics

11.1 Global Choline Chloride Market Drivers

11.2 Global Choline Chloride Market Restraints

11.3 Global Choline Chloride Market Trends

12. Market Attractiveness and Strategic Analysis

12.1 Market Attractiveness

12.1.1 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Choline Chloride Market: By Form, By Value (Year-2026)

12.1.2 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Choline Chloride Market: By End-User, By Value (Year-2026)

12.1.3 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Choline Chloride Market: By Region, By Value (Year-2026)

12.2 Strategic Analysis

12.2.1 Mergers and Acquisitions

13. Competitive Landscape

13.1 Market Share Analysis

13.2 Competitive Positioning (Leaders, Challengers, Followers, Niche Players)

14. Company Profiles (Business Description, Financial Analysis, Business Strategy)

14.1 BASF

14.2 Jubilant Life Sciences Limited

14.3 Eastman Chemical Company

14.4 GHW International

14.5 Balchem Corporation

14.6 Kemin Industries

14.7 Pestell Group

14.8 Nuproxa Group of Companies

14.9 Be-Long Corporation

14.10 Nutreco

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