ZutaCore Joins the Open19 Foundation

ZutaCore, a direct-on-chip, two-phase, waterless liquid cooling (2PLC) company, has announced that is has formally joined the Open19 Foundation with its HyperCool™ solution. ZutaCore has been collaborating with LinkedIn since 2018 to develop this technology for Open19. The company demonstrated an Open19 HyperCool system at the LinkedIn booth at the 2019 OCP Global Summit and the Open19 Foundation Summit 2019. Since then, ZutaCore has further developed the system, leveraging patent-protected innovations for current and future high core count, high power processors, that can be easily deployed in new or retrofitted data centers and edge deployments. ZutaCore expects to launch its first Open19 projects in 2021

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ZutaCore HyperCool for Open19 (Photo: Business Wire)

ZutaCore HyperCool for Open19 (Photo: Business Wire)

Open19 is an open source hardware platform, launched by LinkedIn in 2016, that consists of a standardized system of cages holding standardized blades with standard power distribution. The Open19 framework enables data center hardware design that powers edge, 5G and custom cloud deployments worldwide. The goal is to simplify operations, reduce cost, and enable cross server supplier integration.

“The Open19 project has the potential to transform the data center industry. I am proud of the evolution it has undergone in the last few years including aligning with the Linux Foundation to develop the second version of the standard,” said Yuval Bachar, Open19 Fellow, Linux Foundation. “When evaluating lessons learned, we knew we had to incorporate liquid cooling as this was a critical demand not served in the first version. We are thrilled to welcome ZutaCore delivering direct-on-chip, two phase liquid cooling to address this challenge and bring these capabilities to V2. With major vendor champions including Cisco, Equinix, we are excited to see where this next phase takes us.”

“Since joining the Linux Foundation, the Open19 project has been gaining momentum as a standard rack level hardware delivery platform for the next wave of power hungry applications and the sustainability needs of our planet,” said Zachary Smith, Open19 President and Managing Director of Equinix Metal. “We are excited by the diverse set of participants working together in Open19 to enable an open standard for disruptive liquid cooling capabilities that works for data center operators, cloud providers, hardware manufacturers and enterprises.”

“As the first Open19 compliant, direct-on-chip liquid cooling solution, ZutaCore is proud to make contributions to further enhance the Open19 based platform,” said Udi Paret, President, ZutaCore Inc. “We are honored by the confidence that Open19 team have shown in the ZutaCore technology to make the benefits of two-phase liquid cooling a reality for a wider community of data center operators. Together we will help them shrink data centers and save scarce energy, water, land and construction resources.”

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, is now hosting the Open19 Foundation. The Linux Foundation will provide the necessary infrastructure for Open19 to broaden its appeal to more large data center operators and for its development to align with the development of a number of software projects that are also part of the Linux Foundation. A new generation of the Open19 specifications for Edge and data center hardware should be available mid-year 2021.

Learn more about ZutaCore products for Open19 here.

About The Open19 Project

The Open19 project, was founded in 2016 as an independent foundation and join the Linux Foundation in early 2021. The Open19 platform is an open-source hardware solution for data centers that standardize the server form factors, power connectivity, and network connectivity. The project enables simple data center operations and maintenance as well as a rapid installation process. The Open19 project team is working on Open19 V2 to upgrade and future-proof every aspect of the original Open19 project. Visit us at www.open19.org.

About The Linux Foundation

Founded in 2000, The Linux Foundation is supported by more than 1,000 members and is the world's leading home for collaboration on open source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware. The Linux Foundation's projects are critical to the world's infrastructure including Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js, and more. The Linux Foundation's methodology focuses on leveraging best practices and addressing the needs of contributors, users and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration. For more information, please visit us at linuxfoundation.org.

About ZutaCore

ZutaCore is a direct-on-chip, waterless, two-phase, liquid cooling technology company that unlocks the power of sustainable cooling. By dissipating heat at the source, ZutaCore’s HyperCool™ cuts the cooling power infrastructure needed from the server to the data center. Eliminating the risk of IT meltdown and engineered for low-flow and low-pressure allows for light, compact design and high densities. Coupled with on-demand and closed-loop features, HyperCool maximizes cooling efficiencies, guaranteeing consistent performance in any climate and location. The ZutaCore solution is a complete hardware system enhanced by an optional software-defined-cooling (SDC) platform. The result – the data center shrinks, scarce energy, water, land and construction resources are saved, CAPEX and OPEX are slashed, return on investments (ROI’s) are accelerated, and real estate assets are maximized.

Designed by a veteran team in Israel and enabled by 14 patent-pending innovations, HyperCool is a near plug-and-play system. ZutaCore’s R&D center is in Israel, with its HQ office in California. For more information, please visit http://www.zuta-core.com/.