Cree Lighting Reimagines High-Bay Lighting with Innovative New VuePoint™ Series

Cree Lighting today announced its innovative, all new VuePoint™ Series high-bay luminaire is now available to transform high-ceiling environments everywhere.

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Cree Lighting VuePoint Series High-Bay Luminaire (Photo: Business Wire)

Cree Lighting VuePoint Series High-Bay Luminaire (Photo: Business Wire)

The VuePoint™ Series transcends the tradeoff between visual comfort and lumens per watt (LPW) by delivering exceptional uniformity. With a unique precision-engineered light source and lens combination, the new portfolio diffuses light significantly more effectively than typical high-bays, delivering exceptional visual comfort while retaining high LPW efficiency.

“To satisfy the most demanding customer’s wish list, we applied our deep LED lighting know-how to engineer the new VuePoint™ Series from the ground up,” said Tom Hinds, Cree Lighting Director of Warehouse Lighting. “Our new design approach eliminates the typical high-bay trade-off between glare – and therefore end-user visual comfort – and lumen efficiency. The VuePoint™ portfolio is engineered to precisely distribute light without the harsh glare that high-bays are renowned for, while at the same time delivering phenomenal energy efficiency of up to 170 lumens per watt.”

With the round form factor preferred by customers, the innovative new portfolio meets Unified Glare Rating (UGR) requirements for exceptional glare control, while the clean aesthetics, excellent color rendering and softly diffused illumination make the VuePoint™ Series an excellent choice to improve spaces where people shop, work and play. With up to 170 LPW efficiency, it has also earned DLC Premium accreditation, ensuring maximum possible rebates are available for accelerated payback and lower total cost of ownership.

Hinds continued, “When we began working on this portfolio, we asked ourselves, ‘What really defines a great high-bay luminaire, even if it doesn’t exist today?’ We realized that better light makes a huge difference for customers and workers, particularly in retail stores, athletic venues, civic and transportation settings, warehouses and light industrial sites. We had to address not just ‘How well can I see?’ but also ‘Do I like what I’m seeing?’, and even ‘How does it make me feel?’”

With an 80 CRI rating, the new VuePoint™ Series helps everything in the visual field look better, from merchandise and labels to CCTV footage and game highlights. In retail settings, diffused lighting and accurate color rendering highlight products and banish shadows while creating a pleasing ambience. In warehouse environments, the standard lens diffuses light more effectively, so forklift drivers and others can look upward without experiencing blinding light sources.

An all-new polycarbonate lens achieves IP6X and IK10 ratings, meaning it is completely dust-tight, while also having the maximum rating for protection against external mechanical impacts. The new portfolio debuts with a full range of options, including:

  • Reflectors for enhanced up-light and a more traditional high-bay look
  • Factory-installed Emergency Battery (EB) packs
  • Heavy-duty wire guard to further protect against impact
  • Programmable Multi-Level (PML) motion sensors that can be programmed wirelessly to dial back lumen levels when no one is around, providing even deeper energy savings

The VuePoint™ Series’ design also addresses another common customer complaint about high-bays – the aesthetic design of the housing and the heatsinks that commoditize and down-scale the look of the installed environment. To address this, Cree Lighting engineers utilized a unique low-profile heat sink that is invisible from almost every angle. Additionally, they designed the housing to completely conceal the driver, yet provide full access for quick and easy field service. The fixture design also has a unique frosted appearance for an upscale look to lift the environment that surrounds it.

Available in 14” and 16” diameters, the VuePoint™ Series blends beautifully into any environment, with color temperature choices from 3000K to 5000K, and available lumens from 12,000 to 35,000 lumens, allowing mounting heights of 40 feet or more. Long life and low maintenance have been designed in to ensure minimal interruptions or work stoppages, eliminating the need for holding replacement lamp inventory and hazardous bulb disposal procedures.

“The VuePoint™ Series is the latest example of how Cree Lighting delivers meaningful innovation for what customers need most,” Hinds said. “No other high-bay luminaire delivers category-leading performance combined with this kind of visual appeal and comfort.”

The VuePoint™ Series LED high-bay luminaire is now available for order through Cree Lighting® commercial sales channels throughout North and South America. To learn more about this breakthrough luminaire, please visit

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