Prescriptive Data’s Nantum OS Participates in Microsoft for Startups Program to Build Future of Real Estate Sustainability on Microsoft Azure

Today Prescriptive Data, a smart building and real estate sustainability artificial intelligence company, announced it has been named the newest member of Microsoft for Startups, a global program that helps B2B startups scale with cloud resources and mentoring.

Prescriptive Data’s participation in Microsoft for Startups and collaboration with Microsoft helps increase opportunities for real estate owners and large enterprises in the U.S. and in global markets to use its smart building automation technology, Nantum OS. Nantum OS is a hardware agnostic platform with the ability to more efficiently connect and manage any real estate operational technology (HVAC, Meters, Occupancy Sensors, Indoor Air Quality Sensors, Lights, Shades, Thermostats) using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML).

“Being a part of Microsoft for Startups will enable us to help more enterprises and real estate owners measure their real estate carbon emissions and automate their real estate decarbonization efforts,” said Sonu Panda, CEO, Prescriptive Data. “Microsoft for Startups gives us the ability to speed up our sales efforts so our team can stay focused on reducing carbon emissions across the entire real estate industry.”

Nantum OS serves as a smart building operating system to provide real estate managers with live occupancy data, energy demand and consumption data, and real-time and predictive carbon emission data. The system also uses machine learning to alert building operations teams to equipment malfunctions, fault detection, and even potential leaks and floods. Nantum OS further leverages AI to correlate real-time occupancy data with HVAC systems so buildings use the least amount of energy possible to provide the maximum amount of occupant comfort.

Nantum OS is now available on the Azure Marketplace and has announced their Microsoft partnership during the Microsoft Ignite conference November 2-4. Making Nantum OS available on the Azure Marketplace will allow Prescriptive Data customers to optimize their real estate and sustainability using Microsoft Azure services for a greater level of spatial intelligence.

“Making software that supports sustainable real estate accessible is critical for organizations to meet their emission reductions goals. Utilizing both Microsoft for Startups and the Azure marketplace helps accelerate that,” said Tegan Keele, Managing Director, KPMG.

KPMG, in collaboration with Microsoft, helped advise Prescriptive Data’s buildout on Azure. “As we’ve been working alongside the Prescriptive Data team on helping clients to decarbonize their real estate portfolio, it only made sense to help deliver these services on the Azure marketplace,” said Craig Hays, Managing Director – Cloud Engineering, KPMG.

Prescriptive Data is best known for its work with Rudin Management, a large New York City real estate owner. Through portfolio-wide deployment of Nantum OS, the company saves $5.5 million each year on its energy bills, and has reduced its carbon emissions by more than 40%, as measured by NYSERDA’s 2019 measurement and verification case study.

“Microsoft is committed to empowering developers to drive digital transformation for the built world,” said Tom Davis, Senior Director, Microsoft for Startups. “Prescriptive Data and its Nantum OS solution harnesses Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and edge offerings to achieve new levels of sustainability for commercial real estate.”