Mantis Innovation Named 2021-2022 Broker of the Year by The Energy Professionals Association

Mantis Innovation, provider of smart, sustainable solutions to improve facility performance, announced today that its Energy Solutions division received the 2021-2022 TEPA (The Energy Professionals Association) ABC (Aggregators, Brokers, and Consultants) of the Year award presented during the 16th Annual TEPA Conference last week in Austin, Texas. The award is voted on by TEPA’s Supplier membership and is intended to recognize the outstanding ABC Member company in categories such as overall satisfaction, ease of doing business, ethical business practices, customer service, and market knowledge.

TEPA currently has more than 150 member organizations, representing over 10,000 energy professionals specializing in procurement, renewable energy, advancements in energy technologies, and more. Since 2014, TEPA has presented these awards to outstanding members in deregulated retail energy markets across the country. This has become a highly sought-after honor among energy professionals that meet TEPA’s standards of ethics, education, and advocacy in the market.

“Achievements such as this reflect the quality of solutions we’re providing for clients and position Mantis as a trusted leader in our industry,” said Steve Campbell, President of Energy Solutions, Mantis Innovation. “We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and maintain strong supplier relationships, including holding data-driven quarterly reviews, which have been acknowledged as some of the best in the industry. We are honored to be recognized by TEPA for these efforts.”

“We’re excited to recognize Mantis Innovation as our 2021-2022 TEPA ABC of the Year for their hard work in retail energy markets across the country,” said Shannon McGriff, Executive Director, TEPA. “Their excellent reputation amongst suppliers and customers continues to raise the industry standard. We not only appreciate their efforts to build up this industry, but the value they bring to TEPA and the clients they serve.”

This award marks the third of its kind for Mantis Innovation in just two months. The Energy Solutions division recently won two ABC Excellence Awards for Overall Satisfaction and Share of Supplier Top 5 by the Energy Research Consultant Group (ERCG).


About Mantis Innovation
Mantis Innovation is the premier provider of smart solutions that deliver better building performance through managed facility services and turnkey program management. Mantis leverages expertise from a vast array of professional disciplines in engineering, comprehensive data collection and analysis, technology-enabled solutions, and a network of trusted partners. The Mantis Innovation managed solutions include energy procurement, demand management, solar, roofing, building envelope, pavement, LED lighting, HVAC/mechanical, building automation systems, and data center optimization. Mantis is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 17 locations across the United States from Massachusetts to Washington.

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