Dubai Airshow: Nir-Or, IMCO Group's subsidiary, will present the LAD: Avionics 20" x 8" wide display airborne application

November 10, 2021 - Nir-Or, a subsidiary of IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE: IMCO), will present the next generation of its Large Area Display (LAD) 20" X 8" for glass cockpit at the Dubai Airshow. As a prime system integrator, Nir-Or specializes in integrating hardware and software solutions into real-time embedded systems for the Defense sector, focusing on LCD displays for glass cockpit, avionics systems, and Rugged Computer Systems.

LAD (Large Area Display) is a main flight display with full dual-redundant screens showing both avionics panel and other flight or mission-specific operational features. Specially designed for airborne applications, LAD provides a dynamic viewing range, from full sunlight reading to night operation with NVG compatibility.

Featuring an illuminated bezel Keyboard with optical multi-Touch screen functionality and showing both graphic symbology and other flight-specific operational features, Nir-Or's LAD supports multiple video inputs to meet mission needs.

Alongside the LAD Display, Nir-Or will present other leading displays and solutions at the Dubai Airshow, including Large Area Display Demonstrator for the Black Hawk, a glass cockpit program for ALH helicopters, and AH–64 Apache Gunner display that was specially upgraded for the Israel air force.

Nir-Or's CEO, BG. (Ret.) Roy Riftin:" offering a complete and advanced turnkey project for defense applications at Land, Air, and Naval, Nir-Or is happy to present its cutting-edge displays' technology that was uniquely designed for airborne applications at the Dubai Airshow."

Nir-Or, a subsidiary of IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE: IMCO), designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates innovative electronic systems and products for a vast range of defense applications at Land, Air, and Naval. Converting ideas into prototypes, and prototypes into fielded, operational products, the company’s wide-ranging capabilities cover all aspects of electronic-based military and para-military solutions. Nir-Or's solutions include Multi-dimensional Situational Awareness, AI-powered, Video systems (Video Servers, Ruggedized Displays and Camera Clusters) for APCs and other designated military platforms.

IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE: IMCO) is a leading defense provider of complex solutions for air, ground, and naval applications. With advanced design, global mass production, and project management capabilities, IMCO delivers a wide range of solutions from electrical harnesses and electro-mechanical devices to cutting-edge LED lighting systems. Founded in 1974, IMCO is a sole supplier of armed forces and defense companies. IMCO has been a trusted supplier and partner of the defense industry for nearly five decades. The company has been involved in generation after generation of some of the most reliable fighting vehicles, including the Merkava tank and the Namer APC.

Dubai Airshow, Stand 100