ExpoDefensa: Tactical Terrain Dominance and other Defense and HLS solutions will be presented by IMCO Industries Group

November 2021: IMCO Industries Group, a leading defense provider of comprehensive solutions for air, ground, and naval applications, will present the group's latest and most advanced Tactical Terrain Dominance Solutions at the ExpoDefensa 2021 exhibition in Bogota.

As a leading integrator of comprehensive defense and HLS solutions, IMCO Group and partners will showcase a unique and scalable Tactical Terrain Dominance solution combining multiple sensors and multiple platforms to enable rapid execution of the sensor to shooter cycle.

IMCO's tactical terrain dominance solution can combine manned and unmanned aerial, ground and maritime vehicles, and unattended ground sensors, all managed and controlled by the centralized situation awareness video system (SAVS). The SAVS integrates and analyses the information received, clears the battle fog, and supports decision-makers to safely and precisely achieve their mission objectives.

Some of the solution's building blocks that will be displayed at the ExpoDefensa exhibition include Blazes' Micro Falcon - a lightweight mini-UAS with exceptional performance, Colugo Systems' ARCopter 1000 – a patented windproof VTOL enabling long endurance and long flight range, and Ex-Sight's remotely controlled ground and maritime surface vehicles (UGVs and USVs), and 3DV DVE, a stereoscopic head-mounted display.

IMCO Group's and partners' affordable Tactical Terrain Dominance is addressing the challenge of the requirement for an Area Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) solution, allowing a force to build a stand-in and stand-off common situational awareness picture to optimize the decision-making process.

Eitan Zait, IMCO Industries CEO: "As a leading group in the defense industry, IMCO Group provides system-level tactical solutions with unmatched performance for the defense, HLS and security markets. Our solutions allow any force to increase its lethality and survivability, and at the same time be smart, slim, and connected. Providing turn-key defense and HLS solutions to customers worldwide, we are honored to present our solutions at the ExpoDefensa exhibition in Bogota".

IMCO Group recently announced the acquisition of the assets and activities of Innocon Ltd., an innovative Israeli developer and manufacturer of Micro, Mini and Tactical unmanned aerial systems as well as mission systems for manned light airplanes.

IMCO Group acquired Innocon’s assets and activities through one of its subsidiaries who, among other activities, provides unprecedented aerial and aviation capabilities and solutions to meet the challenges of the modern defense, homeland security and civilian markets. This subsidiary acquired Innocon’s assets and activities for 3 million NIS, plus an additional amount equal to 25% of the subsidiary’s net profit during 72 months from January 1, 2022, and up to a total and cumulative ceiling of NIS 1,750,000.

Leading IMCO Group’s aerial and aviation activities, IMCO’s subsidiary will combine the newly acquired capabilities with the advanced capabilities existing within IMCO Group’s other subsidiaries and utilizing IMCO’s global production, project management and marketing capabilities, and Innocon’s unique technology and solutions.

Founded in 1974, IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE: IMCO) is a leading defense provider of comprehensive solutions for air, ground, and naval applications. With advanced design, global mass production, and project management capabilities, IMCO Group offers unique Tactical Terrain Dominance solutions that offer scalable tactical superiority using unmanned aerial, ground and maritime vehicles equipped with sensors and communication solutions, controlled by a central command center integrating a unique situational awareness video system.

IMCO is a sole supplier of armed forces and defense companies. IMCO has been a trusted supplier and partner of the defense industry for nearly five decades. The company has been involved in generation after generation of some of the most reliable fighting vehicles, including the Merkava tank and the Namer APC.

ExpoDefensa 2021, Bogota, Stand B192