Manufacton Celebrates Continued Validation of Offsite Construction

Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies, the leading offsite construction platform, today announces a wave of new customers across diverse sectors, which signifies the broad market interest in moving construction offsite.

The industry continues to validate Manufacton and its effort to take construction from the field to the factory, a push further accelerated by the pandemic and the need for remote or socially distanced teams. This is illustrated in the addition of several new customers interested in improving productivity, quality and profitability of their biggest projects.

“As we look towards the ‘New Normal’ and what it means for construction, it’s clearer than ever that offsite is the top necessity for innovative companies and teams leading the industry,” explained Raghi Iyengar, CEO of Manufacton/ViZZ Technologies. “We’re seeing firsthand that companies are realizing the benefits of taking construction to the factory, resulting in faster, better and more sustainable construction. With Manufacton, teams accelerate innovation by applying best-in-class manufacturing principles to projects, laying the groundwork for continued disruption in the sector.”

Manufacton’s new customers helping to transform the construction industry include:

  • Domo Modular – A modular construction and development firm based in San Diego, CA.
  • Mighty Buildings – A construction technology company based in Oakland, CA, that is creating modular homes using 3D printing.
  • Momentum Glass – A provider of intelligent solutions for glazing, building enclosures and interior glass, based in Spring, TX.
  • A full-service electrical design, build, and maintenance company.

For Domo Modular and Momentum Glass, Manufacton was brought on by executives who used the platform at previous companies and realized the power of real-time insights and visibility into factory operations.

By using Manufacton, the new customers are standardizing shop operations, increasing productivity, and improving quality while providing visibility across all projects to ensure that deadlines are met, and processes are standardized. This helps teams leverage data to drive continuous improvement.

“It’s exciting to see companies from different industries collectively realize the significant need for offsite construction to improve our industry and see real growth in productivity and efficiency,” continued Iyengar. “This is a real indicator that the future of construction is here and Manufacton is well-positioned to move the sector from field to factory, providing real-time, accurate and complete control, visibility and transparency into projects.”

About Manufacton

Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies is leading the transformation to industrialized construction. Manufacton’s cloud-based software helps manage construction materials, off-site production and on-site installation. Whether you are a modular builder, trade contractor, general contractor, or owner, we improve visibility across all teams and projects, which ensures that all deadlines are met, quality improves, processes are more efficient and repeatable, and profits increase. From the design team to the prefab shop to the jobsite, our mobile/web platform is accessible to everyone, resulting in faster, better and more sustainable construction.

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