AccurKardia Announces Collaboration with MDF Instruments to Develop ECG Solutions for the Next Generation of Stethoscopes

AccurKardia, Inc., a software company that provides clinical-grade, device agnostic, automated ECG analytics, today announced a collaboration with MDF Instruments, a highly-regarded and longstanding medical supplier, to develop ECG (electrocardiogram) solutions for the next generation of stethoscopes. This collaboration brings together AccurKardia’s cutting edge innovation in device-agnostic, automated ECG analytics with clinical-grade accuracy and MDF Instruments’ more than 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing premium diagnostic instruments.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, accounting for approximately 18.6 million deaths in 20191. Early detection is critical and could mean the difference between life and death for thousands of at-risk patients. Together, AccurKardia and MDF Instruments will empower and equip physicians and healthcare workers with state-of-the-art, evidence-based ECG real-time analysis at the point of care.

“We are excited to partner with AccurKardia, a unique innovator in the ECG analytics domain, to define and implement new tools to empower clinicians at all stages of patient management to identify disease at its infancy,” said Darren Ting, CEO of MDF Instruments.

“We are honored to partner with MDF instruments, a leader in diagnostic instruments, with a unique understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals. Our companies share the goal of improving patient outcomes," said Juan C. Jiménez, CEO of AccurKardia. “By enabling the next generation of stethoscopes with automated ECG analysis capabilities, early and actionable insight for intervention and treatment can be provided, and that will help save lives.”

About AccurKardia:
AccurKardia is a digital-first and software-only healthcare company focused on enabling a world in which a combination of smart devices, reliable and actionable data, and efficient clinical intervention can together improve medical outcomes and save lives. AccurKardia provides clinical-grade, device-agnostic, API-accessible automated ECG analytics to clinical and consumer-grade ECG devices, as well as telehealth and remote patient monitoring companies. For more information about AccurKardia, please visit:

About MDF Instruments:
MDF® Instruments has been crafting stethoscopes, and medical diagnostic instruments since 1971. With our passion, innovation and style transpired in our products, we are proud to be the official long-term supplier to well-known NGOs and world health organizations, as well as support many lesser known medical missions that are improving the lives of people around the world—one afflicted child, one struggling family, and one underserved neighborhood at a time. We are Crafting Wellness. For more information about MDF Instruments, please visit:

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