Boom Supersonic Selects North Carolina for its Aircraft Superfactory

Boom Supersonic, the company building the world’s fastest and most sustainable supersonic airliner, announced plans to build the Overture Superfactory that will serve as its primary manufacturing and production site in Greensboro, N.C. The new facility, which will be located at Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI), builds upon the state’s storied legacy of aerospace innovation, starting with the Wright Brothers’ first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, Honda Aircraft Company’s world headquarters and HondaJet manufacturing operation in Greensboro, and Pratt & Whitney’s advanced casting foundry and airfoil production facility in Asheville.

“It is both poetic and logical that Boom Supersonic would choose the state that’s first in flight for its first manufacturing plant,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. “Like the success of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, this innovative company will succeed by transforming passenger air travel with speed and sustainable energy.”

The project will bring an investment of more than $500 million through 2030 at the site.

The Overture Superfactory site was carefully chosen with air and ground space ready for development in mind along with its proximity to the coast, as well as North Carolina’s plentiful and skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure. The PTI location includes 65 acres for the company’s manufacturing needs. In addition to the size requirements, the PTI site offers easy connectivity to Interstates 85 and 40, and a short drive to over 400 aerospace suppliers spread across the state.

“Selecting the site for Overture manufacturing is a significant step forward in bringing sustainable supersonic air travel to passengers and airlines,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic. “With some of the country’s best and brightest aviation talent, key suppliers, and the state of North Carolina’s continued support, Boom is confident that Greensboro will emerge as the world’s supersonic manufacturing hub.”

Boom plans to break ground on its facility later this year and begin production in 2024. The Overture Superfactory will create more than 1,750 new jobs by 2030, expanding to a total of more than 2,400 jobs by 2032. The average salary at the facility will be $68,792, which is more than 25 percent higher than the overall annual wage of $53,994 in Guilford County, N.C. in 2021. North Carolina economists estimate that the Overture Superfactory will grow the state’s economy by at least $32.3 billion over 20 years.

Aerospace and aviation are strong economic drivers in North Carolina. With over 6,700 aerospace jobs at more than 200 aerospace companies and 400 aerospace suppliers, North Carolina is home to over 45,000 engineers and the fourth largest active duty and reservist military population in the country, many of whom specialize in aerospace.

Universities in the state are spearheading new research into unmanned aerial vehicles, while industry groups and resources, including the NC Advanced Manufacturing Alliance and NextGen Air Transportation Center, are further bolstering the state’s reputation and readiness in the aerospace industry. To develop the next generation of supersonic professionals, Boom will also create 200 internships through 2032 for students who attend publicly funded North Carolina universities, community colleges, or technical schools.

“North Carolina has long been a preferred destination for leaders and pioneers in flight and aerospace, dating back to the Wright Brothers’ selection of Kitty Hawk for their experimental flights in the early 1900s,” said Christopher Chung, Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina. “We are delighted that Boom recognized North Carolina’s investments and commitment to become an aerospace manufacturing and research hub, and our highly qualified and motivated workforce will now have another avenue to further their careers here in the state.”

North Carolina’s high-quality educational institutions and skilled labor force make the state a logical choice for the Overture Superfactory. With top engineering programs at universities like NC State, North Carolina is ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for industry sponsored research and is propelling the future of aerospace and defense. Additionally, the state’s community colleges have been supplying the industry with skilled workers in advanced manufacturing for decades, including Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, N.C. which has tailored a program exclusively for HondaJet.

Founded on the principles of speed, safety, and sustainability, Boom is reimagining supersonic flight thanks to advancements in aerodynamics, materials, and propulsion. Overture will fly at subsonic speeds over land and near coasts to avoid exposing people on the ground to sonic booms. Over the ocean, Overture will cruise at supersonic speeds, cutting many flight times in half while offering a tranquil travel experience for passengers. Boom’s Overture aircraft will meet the same regulatory noise levels currently required of subsonic aircraft during take-off and landing. Overture is designed to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuels, and it is being developed with responsible manufacturing processes and aircraft end-of-life recycling in mind. Additionally, the Greensboro assembly line will be LEED-certified.

Partnering with the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership of N.C. on this project were the North Carolina General Assembly, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, among other state and local partners.

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Boom Supersonic is redefining commercial air travel by bringing sustainable, supersonic flight to the skies. Boom’s historic commercial airliner, Overture, is designed and committed to industry-leading standards of speed, safety, and sustainability. Overture will be net-zero carbon, capable of flying on 100% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) at twice the speed of today’s fastest passenger jets. Overture’s order book, including purchases and options, stands at 70 aircraft, and Boom is working with the United States Air Force for government applications of Overture. Named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021, the Boom XB-1 demonstrator aircraft rolled out in 2020, and its carbon neutral flight test program is underway. The company is backed by world-class investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Prime Movers Lab, Emerson Collective and American Express Ventures. For more information, visit