AFBA Commemorates 75th Anniversary

The Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) announced today its plan to mark its 75th anniversary by celebrating its notable legacy as it looks to the future to continue fulfilling its noble and patriotic mission.

“Protecting those who go in harm’s way has always been our mission. AFBA has paid death claims to the families of members who have served in every military conflict since the Korean War. We are proud of our 75-year legacy serving those who serve this great nation,” said General Ed Eberhart, USAF (Ret.), Chair of AFBA.

General Larry Spencer, USAF (Ret.) President of AFBA added, “While celebrating our legacy, we are also positioning AFBA for the future with optimism and determination. This year, we will be rebranding and launching a new website to better connect with our members and our markets. We plan to raise our profile through sales promotions and advertising campaigns, and towards the latter part of the year, we will host a series of events to honor the past and embark into the next 75 years.”

Formed with the support of the General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the basement of the Pentagon on February 1, 1947, AFBA initially provided $10,000 worth of life insurance to active-duty Army and Air Force officers serving overseas. At the time, they could not purchase life insurance that would pay a death benefit if they were killed in combat. Over the years, we have adapted, grown, and changed so we could continue to fulfill our mission – to serve those who serve, defend, and protect this great nation. Today, we are proud to serve active duty servicemembers, National Guard members, first responders, and government employees, providing greater financial security to our members’ loved ones in the event of their death.

From humble beginnings, today, we are one of the oldest and largest associations of our kind with more than 535,000 members. We have paid almost $2 billion in member benefits, served more than a million members, and helped countless families achieve financial security in time of need. Financially sound and strategically positioned, we look forward to a future serving new generations of AFBA members.

About Armed Forces Benefit Association

With the support of the General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) was established in 1947 in the basement of the Pentagon to ease the strain on military members and their families who, at the time, could not purchase life insurance that would pay a death benefit if the member was killed in combat. Today, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, AFBA continues to honor its mission, in war and peace, promoting the welfare of its members by providing survivor and other benefits to those who serve, defend, and protect this great nation, including members of the uniformed services, first responders, government employees, and their families. AFBA has more than 535,000 members with $40 billion of death benefits in force and has paid almost $2 billion of death benefits since inception. AFBA death benefits are primarily underwritten by its affiliate, 5Star Life Insurance Company (a Lincoln, Nebraska domiciled company).