Growth Opportunities in Nanoadditives, Antimicrobial Coating and Deposition Techniques -

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This issue of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Engine profiles innovations related to nanoparticles that can be used for inks and coatings and nanocellulosic materials that can be used for industrial and commercial applications. The issue also highlights technology developments related to anti-corrosion and antimicrobial coatings and surface modification techniques.

The Nanotechnology Opportunity Engine provides intelligence on technologies, products, processes, applications, and strategic insights on nanotechnology-related innovations and their impact across various industries. Technology focus areas include nanocatalysts, antimicrobials, nanocellulose, and nanoplatelets.

The Chemicals and Advanced Materials cluster tracks research and innovation trends and developments across specialty chemicals, plastics, polymers, chemicals, bio-chemicals, metals, coatings, thinfilms, surface treatments, composites, alloys, oil and gas, fuel additives, fibers, and several other related technologies and its impact and application across industries.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Innovations in Nanoadditives, Antimicrobial Coating and Deposition Techniques

  • Nanoparticle Ink Technology Offering High Stability
  • Single Nanocrystal Inks Enabling Digital Mass Production Printing
  • PV Nano Cell - Investor Dashboard
  • Plant-based Cellulose Acting as Multifunctional Agents
  • Technology Enhancing Coatings' Wear Resistance by 30%-40%
  • Nanocrystacell - Investor Dashboard
  • Smart Acrylonitrile for Sustainable Chemicals
  • Replacement of Econitrile With Conventional Acrylonitrile to Reduce Carbon Emission by 60%
  • Anqore - Investor Dashboard
  • Dual Functional Active Antimicrobial Technology for Surface Protection
  • Polymeric Coating With Biofilm Resistance and Antimicrobial Effect for Medical Devices
  • Biointeractions Ltd - Investor Dashboard
  • Multifunctional Anticorrosion Coating for the Manufacturing and Oil and Gas Industries
  • Enhancing Metal Structures' Performance Attributes Through Coating
  • General Magnaplate Corporation - Investor Dashboard
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Process for Developing High-Barrier Metal Surfaces
  • Coating to Increase Metal Parts' Durability in the Energy and Oil and Gas Industries
  • Palbit SA - Investor Dashboard
  • High-Barrier Coating for Marine Applications
  • Providing a Versatile Yet High-Performance Alternative Within Marine Applications
  • Graniteville Specialty Fabrics - Investor Dashboard
  • Low-Waste Process for Fabricating Textile Coating
  • Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Process in Fabricating Textile Coating
  • Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. - Investor Dashboard

2. Key Contacts

Companies Mentioned

  • Anqore
  • Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
  • Biointeractions Ltd.
  • General Magnaplate Corporation
  • Graniteville Specialty Fabrics
  • Nanocrystacell
  • Palbit SA
  • PV Nano Cell

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