The SIR (International Rum Summit) is Repositioning itself in Paris to Hold its 1st Edition

The International Rum Summit initially planned in Guadeloupe, will hold its first edition next spring in Paris. This event's focus will not be on tasting spirits but on promoting the booming rum ecosystem. The ambition of the SIR is to highlight the economic, industrial, political, patrimonial and educational stakes. The SIR has chosen Paris and its Palais Brongniart to convey a worldwide influence to the event and to all the Rum actors—from overseas, France and internationally—who will meet there.

SIR Founders: "Given the extraordinary enthusiasm that rum is arousing today and in light of the tremendous mobilization expected from all the stakeholders in the sector—overseas, in France and internationally— we are repositioning this very first edition in Paris. Collectively, we intend to use this summit to celebrate know-how, increase international development opportunities and ultimately present French rum as the benchmark for the entire global ecosystem.”

The global rum ecosystem will meet in Paris to discuss the future of the entire industry
For the first time in France, women and men who lead the Rum ecosystem around the world are invited to meet and share for 3 days on the major issues that drive their industry and its future. Representatives of organizations and public institutions from over 20 producing countries are expected to attend alongside stakeholders who make up the entire rum value chain: producers, distributors, manufacturers, harvesters, international buyers, influencers, manufacturers of bottles, barrels, yeast, etc.

A time of announcements, sharing and exchanges that will also be an opportunity to demonstrate the impact of innovation in the industry with the presence of French startups—overseas and domestic—as well as international. They will present their very own approaches source of new impetus to the rum industry.

Sharing experiences on other spirits, new metropolitan cultures, mixology... that’s how the SIR intends to stir up the new trends driving the spirit market.

The SIR has positioned itself as THE place to share successful or promising experiences in the development of spirits. International delegations will share their success stories, such as Japan and its whiskies, Mexico and its tequila and, of course, France and its champagne.

The new French rum stakeholders will also be present to discuss their production and cane cultivation practices. Finally, renowned mixologists will speak to decipher this mixology trend closely linked to the development of rum, particularly in certain Asian countries.

With over 35 announced speakers and delegations from more than 20 countries, the SIR intends to bring together politicians, institutions, international production and distribution professionals to promote talent and know-how, develop international cooperation and blow a wind of innovation on the Rum ecosystem.

3 days of meetings, debates, and conferences under a cultural and societal prism to:

  • Present public policies to support the ecosystem
  • Develop international cooperation between producers/distributors/buyers
  • Develop a sustainable and responsible industrial model for the ecosystem
  • Promote innovations and startups in the production sector
  • Accompany young people towards training courses leading to professional qualifications, universities, high business schools, etc.
  • List employment opportunities

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