Leonardo and Varjo join forces on next-generation XR training solutions

March 8, 2023 - Leonardo and Varjo have announced today that they are joining forces to enhance the capability of Leonardo’s aircraft training devices through industry-leading mixed reality technology from Varjo.

This agreement continues to strengthen and improve Leonardo’s capabilities in the Simulation and Training domain. 

Leonardo is an international leader in military pilot training and services for maintainers and operators, thanks to its advanced digital devices developed for the entire aircraft products portfolio. Leonardo’s training capabilities use proprietary methods, simulation systems, and Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) learning environments, in addition to comprehensive classroom and computer-based training programs.

Varjo is the global technology leader in creating the world’s most advanced virtual and mixed reality hardware and cloud services for professional use, seamlessly merging the real and digital worlds in human-eye resolution. Starting from Varjo’s latest XR-3 Focal Edition headset, first utilized by Leonardo’s Smart Chair for training scenarios of future-generation aircraft, the agreement will see Leonardo develop next-generation immersive training solutions that leverage best-in-class Varjo headsets for multiple use cases across the pilot training curriculum. Leonardo and Varjo will work in close partnership to drive innovation and develop solutions that meet the rigorous demands of Leonardo’s customers.

“The development of our next-generation training solutions with Varjo is based on specific requirements which will be key factors in competitiveness and will make it possible to improve the performance of our products, with a direct return on the market offer,” said Giuseppe Pietroniro, Head of Simulation and Training Systems at Leonardo Aircraft Division. 

“Leonardo Simulation & Training experience, coupled with advanced Varjo technology, will allow our products to increase pilots’ training experience, bringing it into a more immersive environment,” added Giuseppe Pietroniro, “both within the specific Customer training pipelines and within the scope of International Flight Training School, granting the continuous technological innovation rate offered by the Campus.”

“We are proud to partner with Leonardo in developing and deploying truly immersive solutions for even the most demanding flight training customers. With the superior visual precision enabled by the new Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition, trainees can be engaged in mixed reality training that replicates real-life conditions by operating physical avionics, controls, and dashboards while flying in a fully virtual environment. We will continue working closely with Leonardo in developing best-in-class XR solutions for future pilot training,” said Joachim Dekker, VP of Sales, EMEA and APAC, at Varjo.

The current procedural training device is based on a multi-touch screen and Visual Display System for simulators, both of which will be replaced by Varjo’s mixed reality headsets.

Leonardo is already introducing these new technologies within its devices and is already looking to future challenges, thanks to its technological skills, with the aim to always offer a distinctive product on the market. 

The agreement between Leonardo’s Aircraft Division and Varjo has been managed and supported by Leonardo Global Solutions, the Group service provider, who oversees the development, implementation, management, and supervision of Leonardo’s procurement activities.

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