SpotSee Forms Life Science Advisory Council with Global Industry Leaders

SpotSee®, a global leader in supply chain indicators that protect products against damage and ensure supply chain integrity, has assembled its inaugural Life Science Advisory Council, bringing together a team of globally recognized experts. This move follows the company's recent acquisitions and innovations that monitor product conditions from patient to pallet level.

SpotSee's Life Science Advisory Council aims to utilize the combined expertise of its members to shape the company's product development, regulatory, and business strategies, thereby bolstering its industry success. SpotSee will take advantage of the group's technical acumen, product development and innovation experience, as well as their industry networks, to accelerate growth in Life Sciences.

"Bringing on this diverse group of leaders will provide SpotSee with a unique outlook for key projects around the world as well as bring new ideas to the product development process," said Tony Fonk, CEO of SpotSee. "We look forward to making SpotSee the premier provider of condition-monitoring solutions for organizations within the life science sector with the help of these carefully selected individuals."

The three board members, Greg Cathcart, Stuart McRoberts, and Kurt Petersen, will further equip SpotSee with the best industry knowledge, based on their past and current career accolades.

Greg Cathcart is the founder and CEO of Excellis Health Solutions, a leading Pharma compliance company. With more than 20 years of industry leadership, Cathcart has worked with HDA, NACDS, FDA, and GS1 to optimize the supply chain in life sciences, healthcare, and regulated industries. He is the founding member of the global consortium Global Track & Trace (GTT) with a goal to prepare the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain for the future. Prior to Excellis Health Solutions, he held executive positions at SAP America and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Corporation. In addition to his impact on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Industry, Cathcart has won the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) award and now holds an advisory board position. He is also a Spartan Society Member of the Travis Manion Foundation.

Stuart McRoberts is the founder and CEO of Scotia Med Tec Limited, and is a highly experienced professional in the field of diagnostics, having worked with renowned companies such as Abbott, Becton Dickinson, Thermo Fisher, and Sekisui Diagnostics over several decades. As a Life Science Advisor, Stuart leverages his expertise in general management and commercial leadership to provide invaluable support for key introductions, large-scale projects, and the mentorship of high-growth teams. McRoberts’ extensive career encompasses senior executive roles in international B2B and B2D/C commercial operations, demonstrating his strategic leadership within the in vitro diagnostics industry. He possesses comprehensive knowledge in areas including Point of Care Dx, Companion Dx, Clinical Chemistry core lab, Clinical Microbiology, as well as BioPharma and Life Science Research. Throughout his career, McRoberts has proven his ability to drive sustainable success by facilitating the adoption of innovative IVD solutions in global healthcare Dx markets and related domains, ultimately leading to optimal clinical and patient outcomes.

Kurt Petersen, PhD is a world-renowned electromechanical systems expert and entrepreneur, having co-founded six successful technology companies including NovaSensor, Cepheid (NASDAQ:CPHD), SiTime (NASDAQ:SITM), Profusa and Verreon (which was sold to Qualcomm). Dr. Petersen's technical contributions are extensive, with over 100 published papers and more than 35 granted patents. He was awarded the prestigious IEEE Simon Ramo Medal in 2001. He is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Life Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to the commercialization of MEMS technology. In 2019, Dr. Petersen was honored with the IEEE Medal of Honor, the highest recognition bestowed by the IEEE.

The council members were chosen based on their expertise, global experience, shared values, and commitment to developing top-tier products. They will support SpotSee in its mission to innovate new products and generate value for their Life Sciences customers.

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About SpotSee

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