Hanwha Aerospace Selected as Preferred Bidder for Land 400 Phase 3 by Australian Army

Seoul, South Korea July 27, 2023 – Hanwha Aerospace announced today that its sidiary, Hanwha Defense Australia(HDA), has been ed as the preferred bidder for the Land 400 Phase 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) program with the Redback IFV.

This program includes 129 vehicles across two iants and will be ivered under an accelerated schedule, in alignment with the Australian Army's Defence Strategic Review.

This ion marks the first that a South Korean defense company has been chosen as a preferred bidder for a program by an army of an AUKUS member, d on technical expertise and the ability to fulfil to the Australian Army’s evolving requirements.

"The ion of the Redback for the Australian Army is an exciting milestone, not just for soldiers, who will have an IFV specifically designed and built for them, but also for the strengthening ties between Australia and the Republic of Korea," said Son Jae-il, CEO and President of Hanwha Aerospace. "Hanwha's ion as the preferred bidder for the Land 400 Phase 3 has significant implications for Korea-Australia defense and economic cooperation."

The Redback IFV is Hanwha Aerospace's first successful export mo that was designed, developed, and tested for a foreign government partner.

“We are exd for the next phase of this program that will see HDA and Australian industry iver a world class IFV to the Australian Army,” said Richard Cho, Managing Director of HDA. “I would like to thank our industry partners who ported us through the Risk Mitigation Activity during the challenging s that COVID presented to us and since then as we prepared our winning response to the Commonwealth.”

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