China Brands Shine at Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada 2023

The 8th annual Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) trade show takes place on August 21st through August 23rd at the Toronto Congress Centre. The event has exhibits from nearly 200 companies, including those from China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia, Canada, the United States, and other countries and regions. The pre-registered number of attendees has exceeded 3000, the largest pre-registration total since 2019.

The highly anticipated 'China Brand' pavilion is once again stealing the spotlight this year at ATSC. China Brand aims to elevate the influence of high-quality Chinese apparel and textile brands in the Canadian market, fostering greater familiarity among local consumers with Chinese brands. There are nine notable Chinese brands participating this year, including sportswear brand Aparso, fashion labels Rusy & Cindy and Sino-Italy Apparel, textile brand WeiQiao Pioneering, needle and shuttle woven clothing specialist Mengdi, as well as other Chinese brands Detex Garments, Orient New Horizon, Dahua, and Huasheng.

Chinese brand manufacturers are eager to convene with high-quality suppliers from around the world during the exhibition, aiming to jointly discuss the development of the fashion industry supply chain. Mengdi, a company based in Jiaxing, expressed that they meticulously select needle and shuttle-woven clothing that aligns with the latest European and American trends in order to fit the Canadian market. They aspire to engage with local clothing purchasers during the event, understanding customer needs and gathering valuable market insights to enhance their adaptation to the current market landscape.

Aparso, a brand deeply entrenched in the sports apparel sector, is not only gearing up to showcase new product offerings this year but is also focusing on promotional efforts. Aparso is engaging in pre-event advertising, leveraging platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and other social media channels. Their aim is to enhance brand visibility through the ATSC exhibition, capture the attention of potential clients and partners, and thereby gain further expansion into the overseas market.

The showcased products from these participating Chinese brands will be front-and-centre at ATSC. A fashion show in the afternoon on August. 22 will present these Brands collection. Their business teams have travelled half-way across the world for this signature Canadian apparel & textile industry event. The arrangements have been made, the Toronto Convention Centre is ready and the show is welcoming buyers from Canada, USA and around the globe to visit and explore for potential collaboration.