General Micro Systems Achieves Two 2023 Military and Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards

General Micro Systems (GMS) announced today that its X9 Spider AI System and X9 Spider Manpack were recognized among the best by the 2023 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards program. These awards were developed to showcase the most innovative solutions in aerospace and defense products and systems for the engineering industry. GMS products received platinum awards which are characterized by a groundbreaking approach to meeting a need and/or a new level of performance, efficiency, ease-of-use or other beneficial quality.

“The X9 Spider AI System is the smallest and only portable/mobile rugged AI engine that can directly connect with – and even power – so many smart sensor interfaces at the same time,” said Ben Sharfi, CEO and chief architect, GMS. “The X9 Manpack is the world’s smallest, fully rugged mission computer with vast I/O expansion and part of the X9 Spider open Distributed Computing Architecture (DCA). We are honored to be recognized for our innovation and technology advancements in both products. Objectively, each represents some of the best technology found anywhere in our industry.”

The X9 Spider AI System is based on the NVIDIA® AGX Jetson Orin GPU SoC and includes high-rate sensor interfaces to CameraLink, 3G-SDI, CoaXPress, USB 3.2, 1Gb Ethernet, 10Gb Ethernet and 100Gb Ethernet. All these interfaces can receive high bandwidth data from sensors simultaneously, and the X9 Spider AI System can keep up in real time. Power over CoaXPress and 10Gb Ethernet means a single cable will connect a sensor and power it, saving complex wiring, weight and individual sensor power supplies. In addition, GMS rugged mezzanine carriers (RMC) uniquely allow additional I/O, storage, co-processing and other customer-specific functions, making the product exceptionally flexible and small enough for portable or embedded use. An example is the addition of Sidekiq SDR modules, making X9 AI a handheld sensor processor and software-defined radio, ideal for portable artificial intelligence enabled EW/SIGINT applications.

Running off a standard soldier battery, the X9 Spider Manpack mobile computer is intended for dismounted soldiers and Marines who need on-the-move, high-performance processing, communications, video, database access and artificial intelligence (AI). Designed from the ground up to offer the most compute power and I/O in the smallest, lightest weight battery-powered package, X9 Spider Manpack can drive up to four on-body displays such as the X9 Rugged Thunderbolt Display; connect to wireless LANs and personal area networks (PANs); uplink to mounted assets like vehicles or command posts; store up to 20TB of onboard data, and connect to high-rate body sensors while processing on-board AI algorithms such as image/facial recognition, target tracking or sensor fusion. GMS is also developing other soldier-wearable technologies to accompany X9 Manpack.

The 2023 Innovators Award winners are selected by the qualified judging panel chosen by the editorial staff at Military & Aerospace Electronics.

About General Micro Systems:
Over 45 years, General Micro Systems (GMS) has built a reputation as the industry expert in highest-density, modular, compute-intensive, and rugged small form-factor embedded computing systems, servers and switches. These powerful systems, all built in America, are ideal for demanding C5ISR defense, aerospace, medical, industrial, and energy exploration applications. GMS is an IEC, ISO, AS9100, NIST-800-171, and MIL-SPEC supplier with infrastructure and operations for long-life, spec-controlled, and configuration-managed programs. For more information, visit