ThreatNG Security Introduces “Two-Way Tuesdays,” an Interactive Branded Content Campaign Inspired by the True Stories of Technology and Cybersecurity Professionals

ThreatNG, a leading innovator in developing digital presence security, threat, and risk solutions that empower organizations with External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Digital Risk Protection (DRP), and Security Ratings, has introduced a new and innovative branded content campaign, "Two-Way Tuesdays," inspired by the true stories of professionals in the Technology and Cybersecurity Industry.

Technology and Cybersecurity professionals are asked to provide a personality profile – favorites books, movies, music, plus recent successes and "ughs" (failures) experienced at work and outside the office – which then influence the character development and storylines of fictional narratives released every Tuesday over ThreatNG Social Media (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and its Website.

This innovative branded content campaign embodies the ThreatNG belief in being "Security Centric, Not Security Exclusive" by emphasizing the importance of understanding the multi-layered professional and personal concerns of individuals, as well as the problems of a business as a whole.

While cyberattacks and information security have evolved significantly over the last three decades, marketing in this industry has remained relatively stagnant. For the most part, cybersecurity campaigns spew out alarming statistics in the hopes of scaring prospective clients into compliance. We have seen some exceptions over the years, but overall, marketing communications (MarCom) programs rely on a baseline fear-mongering tactic. Unfortunately, it is an all-too-common approach to generate interest.

ThreatNG does a fair share of educational content communications. However, it also realizes that it has to balance such outreach with a more humanistic approach. In support of the "Security Centric, Not Security Exclusive" mantra, ThreatNG wants to illustrate the interrelation between cybersecurity and personal life. Founder Eric Gonzales touts that their Two-Way Tuesdays campaign embodies this mantra by "emphasizing the importance of understanding the multi-layered concerns of individuals and that even a security-centric approach should consider their emotional and personal growth to create a more holistic and resilient security culture."

In essence, Two-Way Tuesdays results in provocative storytelling. Its initial episodic series, "I Am Not a Bot," chronicles the journey of an individual transitioning from the service sector to the world of cybersecurity. As our protagonist embarks on a rigorous educational journey, they confront the challenges of being an adult learner and grapple with deep-rooted personal challenges, most notably reconnecting with an ailing father from whom they've grown distant. The story touches on various themes, including:

  • Prioritize and Safeguard What Matters Most
  • Recognize the Emotional Toll of Breaches
  • Use Personal Growth for Coping
  • Embrace Uncertainty and Vulnerability as Motivation
  • Embrace Acceptance and Emotional Closure

The result of this program is good, relatable storytelling. However, the innovation of this program is how it gets to such storytelling. Technology and cybersecurity professionals give ThreatNG insights into what inspires and motivates them. ThreatNG uses these insights to publish inspiring and motivating content. The audience is then challenged to keep this reflective momentum going, which they have throughout the Summer and Fall. ThreatNG's "I Am Not a Bot" content series wrapped up its eight (8) episode arc in October.

Erin Price, ThreatNG Business Development Manager, explains, "We have had input from various cybersecurity professionals who have made similar career changes. A former Human Resource Director and former Medical Staffers, for example, who then become characters in our narrative." She then explains how this facilitates a more profound connection, resulting in a collaborative and productive partnership. "In this way, we are able first to build a relationship with professionals individually, which makes it easier and more efficient to talk to them about their business concerns."

ThreatNG Marketing Communications Director John Bernardo has worked on similar interactive campaigns for Telecommunications and Sporting Apparel companies. He talks about why this approach is practical, "Social Media was born out of the desire of consumers to play, particularly during their downtime. From Barbie movie memes and AI apps like MidJourney and Character AI, individuals may not have time to create in-depth content and art, but they want to play and interact as much as possible. As we've seen in altruistic social media outreach regarding the Maui environmental disaster, people occasionally want to connect with others and get involved for higher purposes. This campaign taps into these desires. Said differently, the power of social media is that individuals want to see themselves in others and interact with like-minded people. As marketers, listening to social media provides us with the answers to how consumers want to be engaged. At ThreatNG, we are confident that we have many solutions to businesses' Cybersecurity needs. We also know there are other needs we can fulfill as well. So we're using this campaign to listen to technology professionals and discover what they are."

ThreatNG's next narrative series, "Meaning … What?" will follow two more seasoned professionals who meet at a hotel bar during an overseas industry event. So, beyond asking for the primary personality inputs of favorite art pieces and favorite drinks, ThreatNG will ask its audience to provide engaging hotel bar experiences during such industry events, which will then make its way to the campaign.

If you want to get involved in this series or learn more about this initiative in general, follow the below link:

About ThreatNG Security

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