Sakuu Announces Early Access to Kavian, the World’s First Manufacturing Platform for Printing Battery Electrodes

Sakuu®, a leading provider of commercial-scale equipment and technologies to the battery manufacturing industry, is now offering early access to Kavian®, the world’s first manufacturing solution to print battery electrodes. Early adopters are able to leverage the platform’s equipment, printable materials, electro-chemistry formulations, and process technology to develop the next generation of batteries in a completely dry process.

Sakuu was the first company to license its battery technology for producing lithium metal cells. The company now provides an entire dry electrode printing suite for anodes and cathodes. These building blocks are part of Sakuu’s strategic initiative to strengthen domestic production capabilities in a globally competitive market.

“Having experienced Sakuu’s technology firsthand, I am convinced the Kavian platform is revolutionizing battery production,” said Sandy Munro, CEO of Munro & Associates. “I am not receiving any payment to endorse the company. I simply see that Sakuu has achieved what others are still striving for. This positions Sakuu uniquely in advancing the field towards solid-state batteries.”

With Kavian, Sakuu is leading the charge to transform the economics of battery manufacturing equipment and cell production and level the playing field for localization. Sixty-six percent of the world’s battery cells currently are manufactured in China, using coal as the primary energy source and toxic slurries to coat electrodes. By printing batteries on Kavian, OEMs can tap into cleaner energy sources while eliminating the need for troublesome solvents and drying mechanisms. Sakuu innovations help companies compete in a battery supply chain expected to reach $410 billion by 2030, according to a report by McKinsey & Company.

Printing batteries on the Kavian platform with dry-process technologies:

  • Eliminates all toxic solvents and materials, including NMP and PTFEs
  • Cuts factory floor space requirements up to 33%
  • Reduces utility costs up to 40%
  • Improves factory carbon footprints up to 40%

Electrodes printed by Kavian have been proven to achieve equivalent or better performance to today’s 30-year optimized processes with the added opportunity to customize battery cell chemistry, features, and design.

The Kavian platform fits seamlessly into today’s manufacturing lines, affording flexibility for customers to adapt and evolve, with a roadmap for continuous innovation. The platform is engineered to be material agnostic, supporting each manufacturer’s unique specifications, performance, and form factor needs, enabling OEMs to customize component dimensions and thickness from five to 200 microns.

“After seven years of intense research and development, Sakuu has solved fundamental issues plaguing the battery industry,” said Robert Bagheri, founder and CEO of Sakuu. “Printing batteries, without solvents, finally gives manufacturers a chance to change how and where this critical industry can thrive. The foundational building-block approach to the Kavian platform is the key to unleashing innovation for next-generation batteries, including solid-state. Sakuu is thrilled to offer early access to joint-development partners.”

The Kavian platform is now available for go-to-market development opportunities, with expanded availability in late 2024.

About Sakuu

Sakuu® is a leading provider of commercial-scale printing equipment and technologies to the battery industry. Sakuu’s dry-process platforms enable rapid innovation while reducing waste and avoiding toxins. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sakuu’s team is transforming manufacturing to power a more sustainable future. Discover more at

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