Fincantieri and the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces: strategic alliance for naval education & training

March 12, 2024 - Fincantieri and the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces (QENF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Doha aimed at starting discussions with the goal of entering into new contracts for the provision to the QENF personnel of cutting-edge education & training patterns.

The signing between the General Manager of the Naval Vessels Division of Fincantieri, Dario Deste, and Major General Abdulla Hassan Al-Sulaiti Commander of the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces, took place at the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX) 2024, held last week in Qatar.

The Group and the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces will deepen discussions on content and modalities for Fincantieri to continue and improve the cutting-edge Italian education & training patterns with the support of the Italian Authorities and the other defense partners.

The patterns will be based on an innovative concept of education & training and on the continuous growth of the QENF maritime capabilities and will grant the full integration and interoperability with the Qatari on-ground and air military capabilities as well as with allied foreign navies.

In June 2016, the Qatar Armed Forces and Fincantieri signed a contract for the construction of seven naval vessels and for the provision of In-Service Support, Integrated Logistic Support, industrial training for crews and base maintainers and operative trainings for crews, language courses for each vessel and related board and lodging and infrastructure.

 Fincantieri has already delivered six vessels and has performed part of the above-mentioned activities, including part of the training for QENF personnel (industrial training for crews and base maintainers and operative trainings for crews).

 Following up the training paths already effectively carried out in Italy by Fincantieri, with focus on the operation of the Italian Combat System on board the vessels and consistent with the training tools already delivered, the QENF is interested in implementing the education & training programs with the purpose of maintaining the capabilities acquired within the QENF with a continuous refreshment.

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