Alteryx and DataCamp Partner to Bring Analytics Upskilling to All

With global companies looking to increase headcount for data capabilities, new partnerships extend the reach of Alteryx SparkED to meet growing demand for diverse analytics talent

IRVINE, Calif., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Alteryx, Inc., a leader in AI for enterprise analytics, announced two new upskilling partnerships from Alteryx SparkED, the company's data analytics education program, to grow the pipeline of diverse analytics talent and empower individuals looking to enhance their career prospects with in-demand skills.

The new partnerships with DataCamp, a leading data and AI learning platform, and Women in Data, a global community of data leaders, practitioners, and learners with a mission to increase diversity in data careers, will enable greater reach for Alteryx SparkED, which has empowered more than 170,000 learners globally and works with more than 1,200 academic institutions across 55 countries.

This comes at a time when 54% of digital leaders globally say skills shortages prevent them from keeping up with the pace of change. Big data, analytics, and data engineering are the most in-demand technology skills, with 51% of digital leaders looking to increase their internal headcount for data capabilities during the next 12 months, according to Nash Squared's annual Digital Leadership Report.

"The growing talent gap in the data and analytics space is impacting our current and prospective customers. At the same time, data-driven decision making is increasingly critical to businesses and organizations across the spectrum," said Olivia Duane Adams, co-founder and chief advocacy officer of Alteryx. "We have a responsibility to attract diverse groups of learners into the analytics space. That's why we are pleased to partner with DataCamp and Women in Data. Working together, we can impact the workforce needs of today and for the future."

Empowering Current and Future Generations with DataCamp to Achieve Breakthroughs with Data

DataCamp, an Alteryx Authorized Training Partner, will provide unlimited access to expert-led and interactive learning to four tailor-made Alteryx modules to accelerate the learning pathways for all learners and build confidence in modern data analytics skills, regardless of previous technical ability. This partnership is integral to helping Alteryx SparkED meet the talent needs of businesses who are looking to hire employees skilled in data analytics on day one. It also supports individuals and career changers who are looking to improve their employment opportunities with a modern and relevant skillset.

"Partnering with Alteryx underscores our commitment to democratizing analytics education to the 14+ million learners and 5,000+ organizations using DataCamp every day," said Jonathan Cornelissen, co-founder and chief executive officer at DataCamp. "Together with Alteryx, we're combining their deep analytics capabilities and our unique learning experience to accelerate data fluency for everyone--and I'm really excited for what the future holds for our partnership."

Increasing Diversity in Data Analytics

With only one in five data scientists today identifying as women, according to Zippia, Alteryx is also partnering with Women in Data to further both organizations' commitment to increasing diversity in data careers. Alteryx SparkED is donating 200 scholarships to the Women in Data scholarship program, which supports women in data and AI careers through educational resources, professional development programs and access to a vibrant network of over 60,000 individuals that thrive in a data or AI career. The scholarships will provide learning opportunities for Alteryx curriculum, facilitated by DataCamp.

"I am thrilled about our partnership with Alteryx. This collaboration is a significant step towards our shared mission of increasing diversity in data careers and empowering more women to thrive in the field of data science and AI," said Sadie St. Lawrence, founder and chief executive officer of Women in Data. "By providing access to Alteryx curriculum and learning opportunities, we are equipping women with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this rapidly growing industry. Together with Alteryx, we are committed to creating a more inclusive future where women are well-represented and can make their mark in the world of data and AI."

Learn more about the Alteryx learning opportunities with DataCamp here.

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